Working in the Community is where it’s at!

Blogging is exhausting.

I used to write three to five times a week, and now I can barely find the time to write! I did start working full time, which has had a major impact, for obvious reasons. Five daughters and one son – at home – keep you busy! I can only imagine what summer will be like, and that is right around the corner. This will be the first summer I will try and juggle both.

Because I haven’t been able to write as much, I feel like my head and body are a full of words! It’s almost as if letters and multiplying inside like gremlins – without enough escape. The infestation is becoming toxic and I may just blow! If the words in my body don’t escape, I’m realizing that my body reacts in other ways. I live more in my head, and that can be dangerous. I feel this great need to share my passions – for the good, or bad.

I’ve been working on so many things, simultaneously. I work at Tribalry every day while my kids are at school. I am busy building the company however I can. My focus has been on many aspects, from putting on events to planning our launch at the SXSW trade show. I am now focused on building a blog tribe with my sister, Camille, and others. It will be so much fun and an unbelievable tool for other bloggers that want to network and meet owners of businesses and each other. I’ll write more about that soon!

I’ve recently spoke in California, at the Help Me Grow national conference. It was a beautiful experience. It was the first time I received a standing ovation! I couldn’t believe it, and it actually brought me to tears! I have always been on the other side of the clapping, cheering others on. I didn’t realize it had happened at first, and when I turned to take my seat – my breath was taken away. I don’t believe the clapping was for me, alone, but for the my message that ‘Parents are the key’ I shared my story and how parents are the one that have the most affect on their children and their well-being. Systems in the communities are imperative, but they are all to give information and help to the parents – not to fix them, but so that they can fix their own problems. A doctor from Australia stood up after me and asked to clone me and take me home with him…… I wish! I have spoken in Seattle, for the Casey Family Foundation this year (UPS) and at the Strengthening Families national summit. Opportunities are coming up more and more, and I have to keep it balanced with my already busy life, so I don’t sacrifice my own family. For this reason, I’ve been flying out in the afternoon, speaking in the morning and flying home the next day.

I’ve loved growing and learning so much. I’ve been working on the Parent Advisory Council, along side many other parents and this team of people – MAN – unbelievable. We are really going to make some waves together! Just wait! We are teaming up with SMASH solutions to build an amazing website, social platform, seo and more! They are donating a building for us to meet in – and allowing daycare and food to be brought in. This is huge! I’ll write more about them later.

We are making a commercial for One With Courage – and supporting Utah State and DCFS in fighting against child sexual abuse. I am speaking on Tuesday morning to help kick it off! I am so excited and will help the social media campaign. If you want to help, just ask!

Okay, well, I’m off today – I’ll update more on all of this later! Below is a perfect picture of my perfect friend, Barbara Leavitt. She is the one that got me into all of this crazy in the first place! We were in a drive through getting the best Mexican food I have ever had, in LA when I spoke last week. That is the only picture I had time to share –  but it is something, and the most important something there is. A best friend and mentor!


written by: Janae

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