Creating a Bookshelf Nightstand

Discover the benefits of creating a bookshelf nightstand for your bedroom. They are affordable, offer functionality and add beauty to your space!

Bed with Bookshelf nightstands

Bookshelf Nightstand

Most of us have some sort of nightstand next to our bed. A nightstand creates a place for lighting, phone charger and any other knick knacks. It’s hard to find the right fit for this important piece of bedroom furniture.

Then it came to me, why not creat a bookshelf nightstand! I don’t know why it took me so long to think of this, but it creates the perfect height and space saver for our room.

The Previous Nightstand

For years we have used what we had and made do with mis-matched furniture to fit a space because I simply did not have enough money go out a buy new nightstands for hundreds of dollars. I also had a really hard time finding nightstands that were tall enough to function well next to my bed because I have such a tall bed!

We have a California King bed which takes up a large portion of our bedroom. You can see in this picture the old nightstands we were using. The nightstands came from a family member, but they were too short and small.

Bed with small antique nightstand

5 Reasons to create a bookshelf Nightstand

  1. Storage without the bulk
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Affordable
  4. Unlimited ways to decorate
  5. The Look

Sauder Style Challenge

Sauder created a style challenge and I got to be apart of it. The challenge was to style one of three pieces of furniture and make it your own. I had been on the lookout for new nightstands and when I saw this bookshelf I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it!

Bookshelf Nightstand was what I came up with. This piece was tall enough and offered so much space to change the look for seasons, colored schemes or my stacks of books. I can even keep my laptop stored on the shelf and it looks so much less junky!

You can see Sauder’s lookbook to be inspired and see other ways that my friends styled this bookshelf as well. Some used them as toy shelves, other stacked one on top of the other, and others used them more traditionally as a bookshelf. I loved seeing what others came up with as it gave me ideas for how I can move them around in the future!

1. Storage without the bulk

We have a really wide bed and I love that these bookshelf nightstands won’t take up too much space. I can add so much visual interest next to my bed with multiple spaces it offers.

The shelves are narrow so I do not trip on them when getting in and out of bed. You could easily add canvas totes or baskets if you are looking to hide things away even more.

2. Easy to assemble

These bookshelf nightstands are super easy to assemble. In the past I’ve purchased furniture from the infamous Swedish furniture store and it was the biggest pain to put together. I truly struggled and felt like it shouldn’t be so difficult.

I’m not a super handy individual, but I put both of these units together myself and couldn’t be more proud! No hand drill required, just remember lefty loosey righty tighty. I also like that all the screws are invisible when you look at the bookshelf nightstand all put together.

3. Unlimited Ways to Decorate

If you have a certain design to your room, it’s easy to decorate these bookshelf nightstands to match with your decor. For my room I wanted to make my husband’s side of the bed less feminine and my side a little more feminine. Although they are different, they still look great together.

On my husband’s side of the bed, I kept it pretty simple. He got a lamp, books, clock, basket, picture, plant and a yellow bird. He doesn’t care much about the style as long as he has a to put his phone charger and headphones.

Bookshelf nightstand with simple decor

On my side of the bed, I threw in some feminine touches with color and sparkle. On top of the bookshelf nightstand, I also have a lamp. Then I have, gold polka-dots, flowers, this print from, and a box for random things I like to keep next to my bed like my this post. I am currently reading Selection by Kiera Cass, but if you are looking for more suggestions of books we love, you can find them here.

Bookshelf nightstand with feminine decor

4. Affordable Bookshelf Nightstand

These bookshelves are incredibly affordable and I even daydreamed of buying two more to line a wall. Think of how this would look in a home office, toy room, or living room. I love using things in a way that may not be the first go-to use and while my husband was skeptical of these shelves taking up too much room, once we had them in place it actually made the room feel much bigger!

5. The Look A Bookshelf Nightstand creates

I have always thought that a room without books is a room left incomplete and I just love the look of these modern bookshelves to stack them in. For all of my book worms out there, there shouldn’t be a problem to find books for these nightstands.

It’s okay if you are not much of a reader and don’t have books around. Books can merely be an accent color to any shelf space. Go to a thrift store and shop by color of the book cover just to add the right pop of color. Stack the books together and be amazed at the beauty.

Side view of master bedroom with bookshelf nightstand
A room without books

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