Top Foods to Turn Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and this green holiday offers a lot of fun opportunities to get creative with your food! From naturally green foods, to mixing up dishes you already make, there are many ways to incorporate green into all your holiday meals and snacks.

How to Turn Food Green

Let’s start by discussing different additives you can use that will turn food green. Check out the different techniques listed below and remember to be conscious of how the different dying techniques may change the flavor of the dish as well.

Food Coloring: No flavor associated. Start with a couple of drops and add more if necessary. A little goes a long way. If you would prefer not to add anything artificial to your foods, you may consider one of the following options instead.

Add Green Food: Green foods can be mixed into your recipes to add coloring. Adding a green food will most likely add nutritional benefits too. Here are some foods to consider:






Use Onion Water: Boil the skin of several red onions and use the now green water.

As you plan out your St. Patrick’s Day menu, find fun ways to incorporate green throughout the day. Even if your kids usually eat school lunch, pack them a special St. Patty’s Day lunch that is all green, or have a fun green after school snack prepared when they get home.

pasta al pesto di rucola su piatto


All of these foods can be dyed green with the options listed above and/or adding other green ingredients. Here are a few options:

Main Dishes and Sides

Think of your favorite meals and consider turning them green. Or use one of these suggestions:

Pasta with green alfredo sauce (or add some pesto!)

Green scrambled eggs

Green pancakes or waffles

Green biscuits

Rice with cilantro, peas, and cumin

Green pizza – dough dyed green with green toppings

Potato salad or pasta salad

Salsa verde chicken

Sandwiches on green bread (don’t forget the green lettuce and pickles!)

Split pea soup

Spinach quiche

Fried green tomatoes

Tacos or wraps in spinach tortillas

Mashed potatoes and gravy – yup, both green!

Salad with green ranch dressing

Homemade bagel and cream cheese

Green mac n’ cheese

Guacamole deviled eggs


When it comes to snacks, you may want to consider some of the healthy snacks listed in this article, or try one of these other options:

Kale chips

Chips and guacamole

Avocado fries

Green yogurt

Broccoli and green ranch dip

Spinach dip

Artichoke dip

Ants on a log – celery filled with peanut butter and raisins on top. (you can even dye the peanut butter green)


Green frosting for cookies, cupcakes, etc

Shamrock milkshakes made with mint ice cream (or green dyed vanilla)

Vanilla pudding (or use pistachio)

Cookie dough

Grasshopper cheesecake

Green rice crispy treats

Green Jello with whipped cream

Mint cookies

Mint fudge

Green velvet cake

Green peppermint candy

Key lime bars

Lime sherbet


Family Friendly Drinks

Several drinks are naturally green. You can serve a combination of green drinks and other green dyed drinks throughout the day. Try some of these:

Green smoothie

Green Kool-Aid

Flavor clear drinks like water or Sprite with lime, mint, cucumbers, or kiwi

Green milk

Lime slushies

Naturally Green Foods

Healthy eating, green vegetables in heart shape

There are many healthy foods that you can work into all your meals and snacks that are already naturally green! If you are looking to improve the health of your family with some clean eating, but you still want to add a little spice to your St. Patrick’s day, find ways to make dishes that will use some of the following green options.

Granny smith apples




Brussel sprouts


Green peppers


Green grapes



Green beans




Honeydew melon




Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day do not get the usual hype of the bigger holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it can still be a day full of fun and creativity. Everyone will be green with envy as they eye your delicious meals, treats, and drinks!

Author: Alyssa Craig


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