Tips To Ease the Moving Experience

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Spring is right around the corner and for a lot of us that means Spring Cleaning or in many cases it could mean it is time to prepare to move. The majority of people who do plan a move like to do so in the Spring/Summer time so now is the time to start thinking of ways to make this process a little bit easier for you!

Start with a Purge:

If you are considering moving you may want to start with a garage sale. It is crazy how much “stuff” we can acquire without even realizing it. Go through your items and create three different piles: Love, Want, and Donate. Go through each item and discover what you really need in your house and what you want to move again. I love the book, “The Art of Decluttering” by Marie Kondo who gives advice on how to purge as a professional. You might be surprised how many things you are hanging onto “just because.” Need advice on having your own garage sale? You can read the post we wrote about that here.

Make a Plan:

If you have an idea of when your move is taking place you can recruit your family/friends to help you or at the very least take the kids for a few hours so you can move big pieces around without little feet getting in the way. Start with one room at a time so that when you are moving into your new place you can prepare room by room and make sure that your boxes are marked well! It is always a good idea to mark boxes with which direction it should be as well as if the content is fragile or not.

Notify Services about your move:

Don’t forget to let your utility company, postal service, or credit card companies know that you are moving and you will need to submit a change of address form. There is nothing more frustrating than missing bills or deliveries because these things were forgotten. This would also be a good time to update your drivers license and order new checks. Remember to change your address on other services that you may use often like Amazon or your favorite places to shop.

Start Early:

If it is at all possible and you are anticipating your move try your best to chip away at it day by day so you aren’t left in a panic when moving day comes. It can be best to empty rooms that are used less often first and packing away the majority of clothes that you do not need depending on season. You can designate a space in your home that you save all of your boxed up items in preparation for moving day. If you have a garage this is a great place to store things as well. Make your boxing even easier by using color-coded tape for the outside of your boxes.

Save money on boxes:

One of my favorite ways to save money on boxes is to get them from second hand stores that receive lots of donations. You can also find boxes at your local grocery store or liquor store. The trick is to find someone really nice who doesn’t mind telling you when the boxes would be available before they smash them! I have always been pleasantly surprised with how kind and helpful people are and are typically thrilled to let you take some boxes off of their hands. Want a fresh box? You can actually rent boxes from moving companies. This could be particularly helpful for wardrobe boxes that are hard to find elsewhere.

Keep track of Small parts:undefined

Nothing is more frustrating than losing those small pieces that make everything fit back together. Keep zip lock bags handy so that you are sure to find the pieces you need when it is time to put everything back together again. You can find more helpful tips here Tips to Ease the Moving Experience and In The Nation

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