The spirits among us…

Today I was going to write about Christmas preparations or the elf on the shelf, or something light and fluffy.

I opened my facebook today and found this picture that Janae had edited for me and this long thread of comments from my sister and my Aunt Jan. I will just let you read it:

Jan Mabey ok so who is the young one up to the right in the bubble?

    • Janae Moss im looking….haha
    • Jan Mabey can you see? looks like a young female…
    • Janae Moss which bubble?
    • Janae Moss I guess that would be a no
    • Jan Mabey large up to the right of camille
    • Janae Moss All I know, is I’m seeing crazy faces in the trees now…haha!!!
    • Jan Mabey it is large and goes off the page. looks like a little girl with her hands up towards her face… clear as can be…
    • Jan Mabey ok their is a bubble next to her arm… at 1:30 o’clock their is a large glare. Inside the glare is a young person with reddish hair and bangs, neck, white collar and hands up like a prayer pose…
    • Janae Moss I wish you were here to point it out to me, because my eyes are just going all buggy
    • Jan Mabey can you see the large glare circle near the upper right hand side of the picture?
    • Janae Moss I see a very obvious one by her arm
    • Janae Moss and second lighter bluish one have in and have out of the bright one
    • Janae Moss then a large glare, with a second large glare inside of it
    • Jan Mabey ok about the size of a 50 cent piece next to that one..
    • Jan Mabey yes the large glare!
    • Jan Mabey see the face that almost fills it? hair, face, hands
    • Janae Moss with bangs, and two hands under her chin?
    • Janae Moss smiling?
    • Jan Mabey YES!!
    • Janae Moss now I will not be able to sleep!! haha
    • Janae Moss maybe the baby she will be pregnant with next month!
    • Jan Mabey ok so you see her now?
    • Janae Moss yes…crazy….lol
    • Janae Moss she looks happy 🙂
    • Jan Mabey yes, very content little angle.
    • Janae Moss now I’m going to have to get her to see it!
    • Jan Mabey just hve her read our conversation and she will find it!
    • Janae Moss only you would catch the angel in the trees 🙂
    • Janae Moss I miss our talks
    • Jan Mabey well I am always around! If not in person, in the trees 🙂
    • Camille Gourley Walker So I am not sure if I should feel good or a little creeped out! 🙂

So do you see it? It looks to me like she is looking down on us and some could say it is just the lighting/shadows and has no significance but it is quite clear. You know how there are some that are just more in touch/in tune with the spirit world? Well, my Aunt Jan is that person. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she would catch on to something like this rather quickly.

I do believe that there are spirits about us always. Checking in on us, watching out for us, waiting to join us.  What is even more funny is that we are hoping to grow our family soon so it makes me laugh to think that just maybe it is the next little one ready to join our crazy, love filled family.

This weekend we celebrated some birthdays on my husband’s side of the family and a brother in law of mine had an experience in his bed where he felt a cold brush on his face  (he said that felt like hair brushing against it.) He had already been feeling a little strange like someone was watching him. He turned on the light and looked around, nothing was there and his wife was fast asleep. He turned out the light and again, in the exact same place he felt a brush on his face even more prominent than the one before. He then woke up his wife and told her what happened and by this point wasn’t falling asleep any time soon. He told her he felt like it was the presence of a little girl. Immediately she thought it could be a future daughter because she’s been wishing to have a daughter after having four boys. Maybe?

I am not saying anything profound here, just simply that I believe they are around us. I think they especially like to come around when the family is all together. So enjoy your holidays with your loved ones, those you can see, and those you can’t.

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  • Noelle

    It is quite clear! How precious ReplyCancel

  • els manning

    See it, and believe it. After my parents passed they came to see me. The crazy part was that it was normal. It didn’t even seem odd or scary. My kids had seen them. After their passing. And it’s so cool to see or know or feel spirits of loved ones around us. It has taken my fear of dying away. I know they are excited when i am excited. Happy or sad with me/us. And why would they stop loving or caring about us after they pass? I dream every one of my babies. See them and know what they are before birth. So yup totally believe it. And love it!ReplyCancel

  • Erika

    I always wonder this about the babies I’ve miscarried.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Bastian

    I can’t see it! It’s driving me crazy!ReplyCancel

  • Ayrial Wright Johnson

    Angels are definitely all around. I believe there are so many loved ones checking in on us all the time. My dad saw all of us before we were conceived. My second daughter, when she was two, saw a man watching us reading. She later identified him as my late grandpa. Now I have a newborn, and I swear he is constantly smiling and cooing at unseen people. I love your picture!ReplyCancel


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