The Other Side of Adoption: Part Two

(*This is the second part of the adoption story written from “Na Na’s” perspective. Once again, thanks for sharing your feelings and record of events!*)


Dear Grandson,

The thing that is so funny about my little grand baby is that he did not like going places that he never recognized, and if he did go, then he was always on Na Na’s lap or holding onto mamma’s hand.

Not the night that we went to meet your new parents, it was a total different story.

He got down and actually wanted to play. I then shortly realized after we were there that he had a manly sized dirty diaper, so I asked them to excuse me while I went in the other room to change his dirty bum……….Bug which is the youngest daughter of the family followed me……
I still laugh about it because she looked at me and said,

” He is stinky isn’t he?????”

I replied,” Yes he is, he is a messy boy.”

She looked at me with big beautiful eyes and said,
“He is a boy hugh???? We don’t have any boys in our family….”

I laughed and said, “What about your daddy?? He is a boy.”

She looked back at me with a serious look and said, “No he isn’t, he is a man.”

I could not help but laugh and just wanted to hug her at the same time, but I didn’t because I did not want to startle the little girl. I just love little kids, and maybe I attach myself more to them because I can no longer have children of my own.

I had Ovarian cancer, so it forced me into emergency surgery so I can no longer have children, but I am cancer free and I can enjoy other peoples children. I think that is why I was so excited when I found out that you were coming in a sense of a baby? Really???

Now see I went off track. It is easy to do for me after all my nick name is Dori, I know.. I know after the little blue fish off of Finding Nemo.

Anyways, after I changed your diaper you were right back into the front room playing and looking at the fish tank, you loved that fish tank. We all had fun talking about your likes, your dislikes, and what I expected out of the fact that you were my grandson and I wanted you to be in the best home possible.

Your mama didn’t come the first night that we met because she was having a very hard time… More then what people could really ever understand. I felt comfortable, and I knew that you did as well. After we got done talking, we went on a tour of the house and you were in my arms, and then after the tour we went back into the front room to finish talking.

I knew that you were tired, so as we got close to ending the conversation for the evening you climbed up on my lap, held my hand and looked into my eyes then fell asleep. I knew that you were comfortable right where you were.

The thing that is so funny is that my cousin and his wife were looking into wanting to adopt you first, so when we were getting ready to leave I told them that, and they understood, but I also saw the look of want and the look of love in their eyes thinking,
“This is our son we just know it.”

We opened the front door to get ready to leave and you woke right up almost like


I held you and kissed you and, said, “Handsome, it is okay we are going to go home now.”

You looked at me and said, “GO……”

I held you and said, “Okay we are,”

So I turned to go to the car, and you pulled on me like,
“What are you doing? You are going the wrong way!!!!!”

You looked toward the house pointed and said…..”GO….!!!!!” Almost like I want to go back inside Na Na, I want to go home.

I looked at your new family almost with tears in my eyes, and I knew that you had picked where you had wanted to be. I told them that he never does that ever, he is always wanting us to go to the car and go home, so he must know something that we do not.

We went to the car and I put you in your car seat and you started to cry looking at the house as we pulled away still saying “Go.” I pulled down the DVD player and turned on Alvin and the Chipmunks for you I held your hand for I sat in the back seat because 1…….you were sad and crying because you wanted to stay and I wanted you to feel comfort…..2….Your unkie is to big to sit in the back seat. He is 6’1″ and weighs 265 and he is only 15…..he is a football player and he is hoping that you will be one too.

When we got home, I called and spoke to my cousin and his wife and he said,

“We have knelt down in prayer, we have fasted, we have been to the temple, but we feel like this little boy already belongs to a family.”

I started to cry because I knew what family you were supposed to go to.
The one that you wanted to stay the one with all girls even the dog…….your poor daddy.
So that is when I called up and asked if we could come back down the next day and introduce them to your mama.



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