Ten “Healthy” foods that are higher in sugar than a Cabury Cream Egg


I know what you’re thinking… I’m tricking you. But really, I want to share with you my justification for eating a large Cadbury Cream Egg this Easter Sunday. This post is really to show you how we are often mislead on what is “healthy”. What are you (most likely) eating or drinking that is worse than this delicious Cadbury Cream Egg…. let’s examine and see if you’re surprised.

Comparing these 10 “healthy foods” to: 1 Large Cadbury Cream Egg: Calories= 150 Grams of Sugar= 20

  •  Nesquick Fat Free Chocolate Milk (16 ounces): Calories= 300 Grams of Sugar= 54
  • V8 Fusion Vegetable Fruit 100% juice, Peach Mango or Acai Mixed Berry (8 ounces): Calories= 110-120 Grams of Sugar= 26
  • Minute Maid Lemonade, 12% Lemon Juice All Natural (8 ounces): Calories= 110 Grams of Sugar= 29
  • SoBe Green Tea (16 ounces): Calories= 200 Grams of Sugar= 50
  • Yoplait Original 99% fat free, Lemon Burst (6 ounces): Calories= 180 Grams of Sugar= 31
  • Arizona Iced Tea (16 ounces): Calories= 180 Grams of Sugar = 48
  • Motts Apple Sauce  (1 small serving cup (113 g)): Calories= 100 Grams of Sugar = 22-23
  • Quaker Oatmeal to Go, Brown Sugar Cinnamon (1 bar): Calories= 220 Grams of Sugar = 19
  • Jamba Juice Aloha Pineapple Smoothie (SMALLEST SIZE): Calories= 290 Grams Of Sugar= 63 !! (Yikes- you can have 3 cadbury eggs for that one)
  • Cliff bar (carrot cake flavor- though most of the flavors are comparable to this): Calories= 240 Grams of Sugar= 25

Oatmeal, juice, protein bars, smoothies and yogurt are full of more sugar?! So bust out that Cadbury and enjoy! And in all seriousness… maybe consider switching some of these items out in the future.


This is a guest post from the beautiful and talented Lynn Manning.  For more great information, tips and tricks for a healthier YOU, come over and visit me at 2fitathome.com

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  • Whole grain oatmeal can be great choice I think. It is rich in fiber, great for your weight loss goal. However, I love this recipe. Perhaps I try it in this weekend hha..

    Just my 2 cents, vira


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