Teaching Your Kids to Love Their Bodies

The other day I was walking through our hall and overhead my sweet 11 year old daughter talking to her friend. What I heard stopped me in my tracks! My sweet loving, adorable daughter was telling her friend that she felt like she was fat! Her words cut me to the core. One of my biggest messages on my blog Maybe I Will; is to embrace and love your body as is and to love yourself. And here my very own daughter was calling herself fat. I wanted to swoop into the room and give her a great big hug and tell her how much I loved her and how special and beautiful her body is. It took everything in me to just file away the information and to have an open and candid conversation with my daughter at a more appropriate time. Teaching Your Kids To Love Their Bodies At the same time feelings from my own childhood rushed to surface as I remembered how I felt when my Mother at age twelve took me to my first Weight Watcher’s meeting. I had tried so hard to protect my daughter from the screwed up body issues that my Mother had given me. I know my Mother was trying to protect me from being teased as a “chubby” kid – but instead her actions put into place a long battle for me with my own body image. It took a long time for me to heal and learn to love my body and appreciate it for the wonderful gift from God it is; cellulite, imperfections and all. These thoughts and concerns weighed on me as I prepared to have this important conversation with my daughter. Later that night after her friend had left, I called my sweet girl to my side and gave her a big hug and asked her about her conversation with her friend… Then I listened. I listened as my daughter questioned why she was shaped differently than her super thin friend. I let her talk and then I answered. This is what I said to her…. You have been given a gift of a body from your Heavenly Father and it is yours for your entire life. It is beautiful and perfect! All bodies look different and no bodies are the same! And that is OK! Some are tall, some are short, some are thin, and some are not. We even come in different colors! But that is the beauty of it! We are all different and we are ALL beautiful because we are all our Heavenly Father’s children. It’s our job to take care of this amazing body our Heavenly Father has given us. Part of that responsibility is to be healthy and to show appreciation and love for this gift! Your body is AMAZING it allows you to move, run, learn and grow! And one day… way into the future it will even be able to grow another Human! After hugs and some tears we both felt better. So my advice to you parents is to take the time to make sure your kids understand and know how very special and beautiful their bodies ARE! They need to know that although every body is different and unique they are all beautiful and special. Also make sure you are setting a good example for your kids! Make sure you LOVE your own body! Take the time really learn to love your own body imperfections and all! Because you are beautifully made! You Are Beautifully Made Andie is a busy Mom and fitness enthusiast. In the midst of raising 3 adorable kiddos, she created Maybe I Will (her blog) to share her health and fitness tips, drool worthy recipes, and killer workouts! All designed to help you be the best YOU possible! Find her on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram for more healthy recipes and healthy living tips!

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