Taking pictures with God

A dear friend of mine has a private blog that I love to read. She writes about her adventures of being single, her dating, her heartbreaks, and insightful glimpses into her every day life. We grew up together from the time we were in Junior High, High School, and even went to the same college. We were in the same choirs, musicals, and dance teams. Often my own Mother would get confused when looking for me and would often confuse me with Katie (she has dark brown hair like me and with the awesome slicked back dance hair look we could look very much alike.) Katie is a powerhouse and is involved in so many amazing things; the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, composing and recording music, helping teenagers receive scholarships and prizes through her job, and recently has become a runner. (A quality I greatly admire.)

I recently read a post of hers that she had written about taking “pictures with God” those special moments or times in your life that whether or not you have a camera you can ask God to take a picture for you that you can cherish forever. I love this concept. Because there have been times in my life that I have witnessed something so powerful or meaningful to me that I told myself to take a picture with my mind. One of the first times I remember this happening was when I was hiking with my brother Scott. We had a rather steep mountain behind our house and we were hiking it and singing songs together. We turned around and looked at how far we had come and said, “I want to remember this and take a picture with my mind.” My Dad was working in the yard far down below, I could see a red car driving by, and spotted my dog “Plunger” running around in his dog run. I was probably eight years old, but I remember that image like it was yesterday because I had stopped to think of taking a picture with my mind, or how I like to think of it now, taking a picture with God.

Since then I have had moments when I pause to really soak in the beauty that surrounds me. Like the time I was giving birth to Jackson and just about the moment he was born I saw the sun peeking over the beautiful mountains through the window and my baby boy being laid on my chest. It was a moment from God. It was a view that no one had taken a picture for me but I will remember it forever. Or the quiet moments when I am rocking and singing Jayne to sleep with her sweet, chubby cheek pressed against mine, she will stop to look at me and smile. No camera sees it but I pray that God took that picture for me too. There are many other moments and I could go on and on. But I hope we can all take the time to cherish the moments that are gifts from God to us. The times that we see beauty around us that touches us so deeply that we must take the time to store those peaceful moments in a special place in our hearts.

What are some of yours?  I would love to hear.


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