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It’s time! Summer is finally upon us and I am so excited to have time to slow down the clock and relax with my kids poolside and at the park. I love lazy mornings and late nights around a campfire with no need to worry about bed times or homework. Summer is a perfect time to try something new and give our kids the opportunity to challenge their creative thinking and learning. If you missed it we are doing our Summer Learning Series again this Summer that will give you a lot of resources that you can do from home.

If you are looking for something that is superior to what we can offer and you are in Utah the Summer camps at The Leornardo are for you! These camps over week long experiences for your children ages 5-18 to come and challenge their way of thinking. The thing that I love the most about the Leonardo is that they give your child the opportunity to learn with their hands and through PLAY. I am so excited for my children to be old enough to experience their camps this year!


Katia Racine, the Public Programs Manager, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us to give an idea of what you can expect from these Summer camps. You are welcome to sign up the month of as long as you give The Leonardo a week’s notice to get your child’s name on the roster.


What do you feel is missing from a child’s education in today’s structured curriculum?

– Enough time to play! There are so many things that teachers must cover every year that they don’t always have time to stop and engage students in their individual interests. Children learn naturally through play and instead of working with that, oftentimes curricula can lead children to feel that play and learning are two separate process.

What is can a parent expect a child to learn while attending camp at the Leonardo?

– Children will learn about our namesake, Leonardo da Vinci, and his methods of learning, creating, and exploring the world. We use these ideas to explore many different art, science, and technology topics in hands-on, inquiry based ways. We try to infuse da Vinci’s zest for exploration and discovery into all of our camps. We believe that every voice has value, and strive to find out what it is that our campers have to say. Regardless of whether a child is enrolled in a camp where they’re programming robots, cooking delicious food with our head chef, making sound visible, or learning about math by building bicycles, we encourage them to understand that oftentimes there are no “right” answers. We hope to teach children that the process of how you get to an answer can be just as important as the answer itself.

How have you seen children grow when they attend your camp?

– I think our staff is always the most excited to see kids change from passive learners to empowered, active explorers. Children become more comfortable asking questions and trying new things. Our campers walk away knowing that they can ask big questions and that their exploration of those questions is important. We can’t wait to share with each other stories of campers and students who’ve built something we’ve never seen before, or asked a question we’ve never thought of. When the learning environment becomes one where the campers are driving their exploration as much as we are – that’s where I see children grow.

If a camp doesn’t work with your schedule you can always try the Leonardo for the Summer with a Summer SPARK pass that is available now through the 31st of July.


Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited three month admission to The Leonardo’s General Exhibits
  • Discounted admission on tickets to blockbuster traveling exhibits
  • Discounts on select classes, workshops, programs and birthday packages
  • 15% off Salt Bistro & retail purchases
  • Discounted General Admission tickets for guests ($6.95)

If you are local and able to sign up I would strongly suggest you do! We will be trying out the Camp MiniMaker in just a few weeks and I can’t wait for my children to have this experience! Please let me know if you have any questions as I would be happy to pass those along for you or you can call the Leonardo directly: 801.531.9800 [email protected].

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