New FLIGHT exhibit at The Leonardo


We have been long time fans of The Leonardo and all of their special exhibits and summer camps! Today we are excited to let you know about their first ever in-house exhibit that will be around for a few years! In the past The Leonardo has featured “traveling exhibits” that come and go like Body Worlds, Mummies of the World or Dead Sea Scrolls.

A kick-starter campaign has been put into place where you can take part in the kick off event for this fantastic new exhibit! If you back with $50 you get 5 tickets to the exhibit, bomber hat and goggles, plus a treat at the cafe. Normal retail price for the tickets is $12.95/ticket, so this almost $5 off adult tickets and $3 off the lowest kids pricing. It’s a great deal! If you would like to attend the kickoff event happening on Friday, August 5th, you can pledge $50 for 5 tickets and be a part of “The World’s Largest Field Trip”.

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 The FLIGHT exhibit has been chosen because flying was one of Leonardo’s main passions in life. They will have a full-sized replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s very first man-powered flying machine on display in the exhibit! If you have a little person who loves airplanes like I do, this would be an awesome event to expand his/her thinking and exploration!


The crowning jewel of the exhibit is a giant, C-131 aircraft. The aircraft is so large that to get it into the museum, they actually had to take off part of the wall of the building. Additionally, the wingspan is so big that it only clears the walls of the exhibit by six inches on either side. What’s better is that this isn’t just an airplane you can look at it. You can get up on the wings of the airplane and run from one side to the other. You can get in the cockpit and mess with all the buttons, levers and gadgets. You can slide out the back of the airplane on our giant slide. You can even get in and take a look at the fuselage and how things are put together and learn how airplanes are built and work.

We cannot wait to attend the event and we hope you can come too!

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