Sponge stamp pumpkins

These pumpkin sponge stamps were an easy craft that my daughter loved! You only need a few supplies and they don’t take too long to make, but it’s fun and your child can customize each pumpkin to fit their personality. We used bits of the leftover sponge to make the eyes and mouths for the faces, but you could also wait for the paint to dry and color them on with markers. You could also use fingers dipped in paint.



What you’ll need for pumpkin sponge stamps:

  • Orange, green and black paint
  • a sponge
  • white paper
  • wipes to clean up messy hands


Click here for the paint we use

(It’s a good price for a variety of paint colors. The paint works well, but it is a little thin. It’s never bothered us though and works perfectly for any art project we make.)





First cut a sponge into a pumpkin shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I made mine into an oval with a little bump on top. You could also make a tall skinny pumpkin.


Dip the sponge into orange paint and press onto paper. The sponge creates a cool textured stamp. Let it dry for a bit and then stamp on the face and stem. I used left over pieces of sponge when we cut out the pumpkin shape. We made a smiley mouth, a straight rectangle mouth and then a triangle for eyes and nose and a small rectangle for the stem. You can also draw the faces on.

Have fun!





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