Save Money on Traveling as a large family with AirBNB

Save money on traveling as a large family with AirBNB and make it so much easier to go somewhere as a family. I recently had my first experience using AirBNB and I was so impressed with the process and our stay. Most importantly I realized I can Save money on traveling as a large family with AirBNB and make it so much easier to go somewhere as a family. Now that we have four children traveling has becoming a little more difficult. We cannot all fit in a single hotel room, but we don’t like the idea of our children being in a separate room because they are still so small. That is why it is necessary that we buy a suite or something larger that we can all squeeze into and that is always expensive. With AirBNB you can reserve an entire house and even stay with another family you’re traveling with to cut the cost even more! It really is the best way to go when traveling with large families.

What is AirBNB? AirBNB is a fresh new way to enjoy travel. Whether you need a single room or an entire home individuals sign up their homes to offer a place for you to stay for a fraction of the cost of local hotels. Each location is different and offers different amenities so it is important for you to do your research as you hunt for the perfect get away. Keep in mind that these locations are NOT hotels. While some may provide amenities like a hotel, you will not have room service or freshly changed linens each day. But the savings you will have from booking an entire home for the cost of one hotel room it is worth it! You can buy AirBNB gift cards at a grocery store near you to use on purchasing your stay. I went to my local Smith’s Grocery Store to buy my AirBNB gift card. I had no idea there are so many gift cards to choose from. This could be such a fun gift idea for a travel lover in your life! AirBNB can be used internationally as well! What I love about this service is that it makes it so easy to stay somewhere that you otherwise would never have access to. A cozy cabin in the woods, a flat in Paris, or a nice basement for a quick place to sleep when you’re just passing through.

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Because you are renting someone’s private property, the individual can decide what is a fair price for the area, size of accommodation, and duration of stay. You can find places available that offer a room, a basement, an apartment, or an entire home. This makes it so much easier to travel and save money as a family because you can have a place all to yourself for less than half the price of what it may cost to cover the stay of your family in a hotel.

What to keep in mind while picking an AirBNB.

Location. Make sure that you are doing your research on the area you are wanting to stay. You may consider staying outside of a major city to cut on cost, a 10 minute drive could push the prices down quite a bit. Start with as narrow and specific search as you can of where you want to stay and then work out from there. You can shop for your place to stay with a budget in mind and also look for deals on using a place for an extended period of time if you are hoping to stay more long term. We stayed in Newport for a week while we visited Disneyland to save on cost. For our last night we wanted to stay in Anaheim so we could stay late in the park and get a full night of sleep before heading back home the next morning. We were so pleasantly surprised when we found the apartment that would fit us all comfortably in Anaheim. We loved meeting with Brian, our host (owner of the apartment), and willingness to be flexible on meeting us, showing us around, and how to get access to the wifi. We let him know we would be coming home late that evening (10:00 pm) and he said that was fine and asked if we could let him know 30 minutes before arrival that we were on our way. AirBNB, Anaheim, California, Disneyland,Save Money on Traveling as a large family with AirBNB If you are staying as a family with small children like we were it is important to look for a location that is baby friendly. I was very surprised to find a high chair and a pack n’ play at our location. Having not had a high chair all week at the previous place we were staying it was heavenly to have one when we stayed at our AirBNB.It was a an apartment style home equipped with bunk beds, a pull out bed, and a master bedroom with a large walk in closet that we could use for the baby. This was a huge find for us as it made it very possible for us to stay as a family comfortably. It also came with laundry, a full bathroom, family room, and a full kitchen. I have decided that as a mother with young children it is my favorite thing to have access to doing laundry while I travel because inevitably someone will be covered in a bodily fluid or soaked with a mess of some sort by the end of the day. AirBNB, Anaheim, California, Disneyland, Save Money on Traveling as a large family with AirBNB We loved having a place to unwind and spread out after a full day of walking and theme park fun. It was beautiful and still kid friendly. The kids LOVED the idea of sleeping in bunk beds for the night and loved that we had our own kitchen and patio.

Before you book, message the host. Even if a place shows that it is available you may want to see if the host is available for you. We were spending most of the day at the park and weren’t sure exactly when we would be on our way home. Our host said we could check in with him as late as 10:00 or simply message him when we were 30 minutes away. You may also want to ask if the owner of the home will be in the house while you are staying there. This may be clear in the description or it may not. Read through it and message your potential host with any questions. Search for a verified location. This is important in knowing that the property and the pictures being shown are legit and represent the property well. You will find that others who have stayed may share pictures of their own and this can be helpful to see if they look the way you expect it to from the featured images.

Feel Secure in booking your stay. One complaint I’ve had about buying another person’s time share in the past is that the verification process can be so tricky. We bought a time share through Ebay and while we did our homework and looked to see if we were working with a reputable seller we were still uneasy about KNOWING whether or not our place would be reserved and waiting for us. With AirBNB the website lets you know

exactly what you’re getting and with a third party involved it helps the transaction go through a lot more smoothly. Read the comments. It is so helpful to read other people’s experiences and have an idea of what to expect in terms of cleanliness, location, and the overall experience from their stay.

Be Mindful of how you leave. One of the coolest things about AirBNB (in my opinion) is that you leave comments and ratings for your host and they leave comments and ratings about you! It keeps the whole transaction professional and courteous and I think this program is so cool! It has opened a whole new range of traveling opportunities for us and I am already dreaming about visiting France in our own personal house. How cool would that be? Remember, you can purchase your AirBNB gift cards at your local grocery store. They would make an amazing gift for anyone in your life and open up a world of exploring to do for much, much less.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • Such a good idea! We are traveling across the country in the fall and staying for quite a few days. I would much rather stay in an AirBnB like the one you stayed in than an impersonal hotel room. I’ll have to look into this!ReplyCancel


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