Three New Things I’m Doing That Have Saved My Sanity as a Mom

My friends, my friends. I am THRILLED to be telling you about three new things that I am doing that has saved my sanity as a mom. These ideas may not seem earth shattering, but to me they have been, and I hope that this post can help at least one of you because it has literally changed my life. Okay, I know this may seem somewhat dramatic, but for real, they have changed my life. Have you ever seen this image?


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Well, I can completely relate. And if that is a brain with three kids, imagine what mine looks like with four. 🙂 I have three main issues with mommy brain (which is totally a real thing) also known as “when was the last time I slept a full night” brain. I will often forget why I enter a room, what I was looking for, why I called someone, or where I left my cell phone. So it is my goal to make these three areas that are a struggle for me better for you from what I have learned in saving my sanity!


Why is grocery shopping so necessary? I kid. But really. Trying to take my four kids to the grocery store without someone having a meltdown is like trying to stay dry in the rain without an umbrella. Since my fourth baby was born I have started using Walmart Grocery Shopping online that offers drive up grocery pick up. You simply order your groceries online, schedule a time to pick up your groceries up to 8 hours in advance and then go pick up your groceries around the back side of the store. They will even load the groceries for you as you sit in your car! You can save your favorite items in your profile so that when you shop the next time it is easier to find each item. Shopping for a new recipe you’ve never tried before? No more roaming up and down the aisles, you can simply type in your ingredients and know that they will all be waiting for you at your pick up. Click here to try Walmart online grocery and get $10 free your first trip. This is a referral code and I will receive $10 of free grocery credit as well.


This question. You know you hear it all the time, and almost always I am thinking to myself, “what is for dinner.” I have no idea. Half the time I am worried about having the right ingredients, wondering if my kids will eat it, or if I’ll have the skills to make it. I recently started using Six Sister’s Stuff menu planning and I am in love. Each weekly plan comes with 6 dinner recipes, 2 side dishes, and 2 dessert recipes. I have extremely picky eaters in my house and when I told them I was going to try this new plan my kids were a little worried about it. “What if I don’t like it?” I had my son set the rule for himself that he eats eight bites if he doesn’t like it (he is eight years old), and eats all of it if he does. The best part is he came up with this rule himself so it limits arguments. The #1 benefit of the menu plan is that if the kids eat their dinner they can take part in making the treats and eating the treats with me. I rarely make desserts so this put the deal over the top. We have had a ball making the treats together and it is really helping my son with his sensory issues because he is excited about cracking the egg, or mixing the batter, and it makes him more involved in the food process and touching different textures. I also have eliminated the question of “What is for dinner” because I put the weekly menu up on the fridge for everyone to see. Cooking more often has brought a calm to our house because it has become a nightly routine and I am way last frazzled because I know what I am making and because of grocery pick up I know that I have all of the ingredients. The menu plan actually comes with a weekly ingredient list that I can double check with my pantry as I online shop to make sure I don’t buy extra of something I already have. It really saves so much time. I am also spending a lot less money at the grocery store because I am not impulse buying and I know what I need. CLICK HERE to give it a try.


One thing I also struggle with is remembering all of my passwords. As you can see from my screenshot below I have a ton of websites, subscriptions, and passwords that I need to keep track of as a mom and blogger. When I was asked to partner with LastPass for this post it was a no-brainer (see what I did there?) But really, this tool has changed my life. So my #1 tip is use LastPass to keep track of all of your passwords for you. LastPass allows you to keep track of all of your passwords in one place and will remember them for you! All passwords are put in the vault that is synced automatically and secure. You can even access all passwords from any device you may be working on at the time. Here is a little run down of how it works: Set up your profile. It is free and takes no time at all. last-pass-login Whoops. I forgot my password again! Once you’ve entered the correct password you will have this green bar pop up at the top of your screen asking if you would like to save this password in your LastPass account. Simply click save site. hello-bar-from-last-pass You will then be taken to a screen like this to title this login and what you’d like your password to be. If you don’t want to come up with your own passwords LastPass will actually generate complex, awesome passwords and remember them for you. last-pass-password-verificationSome other features LastPass offers that you will love are:

  • Keep digital records: Use Secure Notes to store insurance cards, membership info, prescription details, WiFi logins, social security numbers, passports, and more so your information is backed up and secure.
  • Make online shopping easier and safer: Create form fill profiles for every credit card, billing and shipping address so making a purchase takes just a few clicks.
  • Improve your security: Multifactor authentication adds another layer of security by requiring a second login step before granting access to your vault
  • Streamline new account creation: LastPass will quickly generate a strong password for new accounts that you create and store it in your vault for access the next time you visit that site.

The best part is you can Get LastPass for Free by clicking here!

So there you have it! Three small changes that will save your sanity and time as a mother! camille walker, You might also love: becoming a mother, motherhood, newborn


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