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It is such an honor to introduce you to these two amazing, talented ladies From Ruby & Roo. I came upon their site quite by accident as their company is brand new and was so impressed with their unique eye for beauty and party planning. Not only do they throw amazing parties, but they have childhood education and development that they roll into their party planning and games as well. I was honored with they offered to help me with planning Jett’s Harry Potter birthday party and there is so much goodness to be had from them that I am going to split this into three parts. The biggest surprise was their location, they are in London!

Ruby & Roo is the collaboration between two dear friends who have a collective 30 years of experience working with children. The idea for Ruby & Roo came about because we felt that there was a gap in the market for a completely bespoke and high-end children’s party planning company in London. Given our friendship which spans more than eight years, and our backgrounds working in child care + development and also PR / marketing and events, we felt it would be a wonderful synergy and perfect grounds for establishing such a business together.  The idea for the name Ruby & Roo stems from Rochelle’s nickname Roo and her antipodean roots, as she is originally from New Zealand. We felt it added a lovely twist on your typical party planners names and has a nice ring to it too!

While I wish more than anything I could jump on a plane and plan a party with these ladies we did the next best thing and they helped me plan a party via Skype and agreed to share their tips with all of you! So what better way to kick off our introduction then to have them give us their top tips for planning a party English style?

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Ruby & Roo’s 5 essential Party Planning Tips for creating the perfect quintessential English Party


  • Make a master to-do list with your guest list, contact information, supplies, dietary restrictions, RSVP’s and so on. Send out invites in plenty of time to guarantee a good attendance.


  • Create a theme that your child will love; this is key to the success of a wonderful children’s party.


  • Organize engaging and age appropriate activities for the children attending.  Have a show stopping and lively performer/s, depending on the ratio of children, is an absolute must if you want to keep the children happy and engaged.


  • Have a unique bespoke cake that ties in with the theme can act as the centerpiece for the party. The food you serve is equally important if not more for leaving a lasting impression with both the children and adults in attendance.


  • Have a Photographer or a camera nearby to capture those special moments. The early years go by in a flash and all too soon the memories of smiling painted faces and boisterous party games will fade away. You could even print your pictures and give each child a memento of their day as they leave.


Amazing tips!

I will be following up with their ideas for a Harry Potter themed party (English Style) as well as sharing pictures with you from Jett’s party!

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