Pregnancy Update: 29 weeks

How far along? 29 Weeks. Into my third trimester!
Maternity Clothes? Absolutely. Looking forward to pulling out my Fall maternity wardrobe. I have never been so pregnant through a Summer and it has been HOT! I literally feel like my hands are heaters. Paul teases me by saying, “Are you an X-man that can shoot fire out of your hands?!” Because really, they are hot.
Sleep: Starting to get more uncomfortable. I keep a pillow under my belly, in between my knees, under my head, and sometimes even keep one behind my back. Only trick is trying to fall asleep around 11 pm because that is one of his busiest times! If I get woken up by accident and my heart races (at all) he responds with lots of wiggles and I have a hard time falling back asleep. Ha ha.
Best moment this week: Going to the Utah State vs. U game with Paul. It was fun to have a get away and cheer on our team. Although I did get harassed by a couple of drunk University of Utah students once the game was over. Really?? You’re going to harass a pregnant girl standing by herself after the game? #lameandverydrunk. Yes I just hash tagged, too much time on instagram I guess.
Miss Anything? Bending over comfortably and working out!
Movement: All the time. He definitely has sleep/wake cycles that I am noticing as well as hiccups and regular movement. I have been a lot more nervous/aware of his movement because of my scare earlier in pregnancy and it is so reassuring to feel him move. Sometimes I will eat something surgery to check in with him, or maybe that is just a good excuse to eat something sweet. 😉
Food cravings: Turkey sandwiches always sound good. Cereal, fruit, chips, salsa, cucumbers.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, thank goodness.
Symptoms: For the first time I am having pains from varicose veins in my right leg and have started wearing compression tights. SEXY! They have seemed to help, but they do not help the hot factor (really looking forward to the cooler temperatures of September!) I see stars if I twist to look behind me or stand up too fast. I have also started to suspect a bit of a waddle at the end of the day when I have pushed it a little too much that day. Overall I feel like this pregnancy has been great. I still have tenderness in the spot where I my placenta is (which I have never experienced before), I am going to ask my doctor this week if that is something that needs looking into as I finish up this third trimester.
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Negative
Belly Button in or out? Out
Weddings rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Hmmm, I would like to say I’m happy all the time…but that wouldn’t be true. Paul says there is a difference with “regular Camille” and “pregnant Camille” in fact I laughed as I saw an entire book at the library called, “understanding my hormones through pregnancy”, and this was not a quick read. I almost picked it up for Paul, I understand my hormones, they just don’t always make sense to him.

Patience isn’t as great as it could be and I find myself crying anytime I really stop to think about this little human I love so much already and know will add so much to our family. You know what really gets the waterworks going? THIS SONG “A thousand Years, Christina Perri, It seems like every pregnancy I find a song that really resonates with me and that child. I think this is his song. I really believe we know our children before they come to this earth and we really have already loved them. I think this will be all the more real of a realization of the love we almost lost when we had such a close call with losing him at 10 weeks.
Looking forward to: Jayne’s big girl room being complete (I will do the reveal very soon.) Then I can focus on the nursery and getting it all set. And freezer meals? I need to focus my nesting towards that monster.

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  • You are adorable! I’m at 27 weeks and feeling like a house. We’re headed to our first football game of the season this weekend and hoping the temps don’t creep up in the 90s.

    Megan from Chasing DaviesReplyCancel

    • Ha ha! I love your “house”
      Comment. My favorite line of Juno is “look at me, I’m a planet!” Because seriously, it feels that way.

      Thank you for the sweet words and have plenty of water for your game. (It was also in the 90’s when I went to this one) Thank goodness for the fact we had seats in the shade. I am heading over to your blog to see you!ReplyCancel

  • mara

    the heat! you’re telling me. i’m 34 weeks right now and even though i’m SUPER happy it’s september, the forecast is still mid 90’s for all week……blech.

    i also always think a turkey sandwich sounds good (totally just ate one like 2 minutes ago..)ReplyCancel

    • I think our forecast is similar too and it has been killing me. I will wish cooler weather for you too! So fun to hear from other expecting mamas! Are you having a boy or a girl?ReplyCancel


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