Plum black widows

plum black widows for halloween

I know it’s only September, but before we know it October will be here and it will be time to start celebrating Halloween! My family and friends (and especially my husband) know that I think it’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween. There have been a few years where I have been planning out our costumes in April. I think there have even been a few times where my kids declare what they want to be for the next Halloween as soon as they get home from trick-or-treating.

I know I’ve said this quite a few times here on the blog, but we just moved to Alaska. We instantly fell in love with our new state and find ourselves falling more in love with it whenever we discover something new. For example, did you know there are no poisonous spiders or snakes in Alaska!? Can I get a huge hallelujah!? I don’t know about you, but that is a great reason to love Alaska.

Since we don’t have many spiders here I thought it would be fun to celebrate that by making a cute Halloween black widow treat. These snacks are a healthier alternative to some Halloween treats because they are made with black plums, grapes and fruit leather. They’re kind of creepy, which is fun for the kids, but I also tried to make them a little whimsical and cute with the candy eyes. I know spiders aren’t really cute, but I think these black widows are the exception.


For your black widows you will need:

  • black plums (or dark red apples would work too)
  • red or black grapes
  • fruit leather (I used grape because they a darker color)
  • red candy melts
  • candy eyes


Step 1:

First start by slicing the fruit leather in long thin strips. This part is for sure the most time consuming. If you are making a bunch of these spiders I would suggest using a pair of kitchen scissors to cut down on prep time. I was able to get 16 legs out of one fruit leather. You could also cut the legs in half to get more legs out of one fruit leather.

plum black widows step 1


Step 2:

Wash and dry the plums. Slice them in half and remove the pit. Gently make a cut on both sides of the plum about 1/2 inch deep. This is where you will stick the fruit leather for the legs. I found it is easier to get them in and get them to stay when you make a long cut rather than small holes for each leg.

plum black widows step 2


Step 3:

Melt some red candy melts, add to a small baggie and clip the corner. Cut a grape in half for the head and add the grape to the plum body using a little of the candy melts as glue. Add a dot of candy melts on the back of each candy eye and “glue” to the grape. Insert the legs to the cuts on the side of the body. You can leave the legs like that or bend them in the middle to make them look more like a spider leg. Using the candy melts add the black widow spot to the back of the plum.

plum black widows


That’s it! You’re done. My kids thought these were the coolest snack we’ve ever made and can’t wait to make more for our Halloween party this year.


We are so happy to be part of Cupcake Diaries’ 30 Days of Halloween again this year. Click on the pictures below for more fun and festive Halloween ideas! Click here to find out more about Cupcake Diaries and her fun 30 Days of Halloween tradition.


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