Pinwheel cookies and cheap and easy neighbor gifts for Christmas

I sure do love those Christmas cookies, sugar!

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 We are officially 2 days into the Christmas season and I am lovin’ every minute of it!   This weekend we made our first ever, pinwheel cookies!  As I was trying to snap a quick pick, one of my twins reached up and snagged a cookie for herself!  ‘Atta girl!  My 4 year old loved being my best little helper too!

 In all honestly, I just whipped up our favorite sugar cookie recipe, halved it and colored 1/2 green, then rolled it all out and up and it came together semi-decently.  However, rather than my step-by-step bull poopy, I found an expert who really knows how to do it! For for the secret to pinwheel cookies (and what I think makes the most adorable, quick and easy neighbor treats) click on the images below to go to the fabulous site, America’s Test Kitchen. (AND it comes with the links to great recipes!!)