New Baby Products That You will LOVE!

New Baby Products that you will love, baby, nursery, registry.

Whether you are a first time mom or looking for new baby products the second or third time around these new baby products are worth paying attention to! I rounded up some of my very favorite picks and I am so excited to share them with you today!

For Pregnancy:

Baby Bump:

This product is brilliant on so many levels because it offers everything that you would use a exercise/birthing ball for but the legs add sooo much to the design. This ball can be used for sitting, laboring, bouncing with baby, or working out during or after pregnancy.

I am lucky enough to know the creator of this product and I love that she thought of it after watching her niece and learning how much a soft bounce can help a baby to sleep. It also adds a lot of security of being able to relax more through labor pains if you utilize a birthing ball through labor.

baby bump


Malouf maternity sleeping pillow:

Sleep is such delicate, precious commodity in pregnancy and I am in love with this maternity pillow from Malouf. I will never forget when I was in labor with my first and the nurse fluffed a pillow and put it up against my back for support. How did I not know about this trick earlier? It gave me so much relief! I will say, that as I get bigger in my pregnancy that this pillow can be a little difficult to allow from switching from side to side, but other than that, I love it!

malouf maternity pillows

Belli Skin Care:

The Belli Skin Care line is made specifically for expecting mothers and it is fabulous. Whether you’re dealing with hormone induced acne breakouts, looking to maintain healthy skin, or working with stretch marks, this line has you covered and the aroma is divine.



Giraffe Extension Razor:

Shaving can get down-right tricky especially in the third trimester. This is a handy little extender that will make your job of grooming a bit easier, but I totally wont judge if you take some time off of this task! 🙂



For Baby:


Whether your baby likes arms in or arms out, this little cacoon swaddle will offer just what you need. I love to use baby swaddles/sleep bags rather than loose blankets in the baby’s first 12 months. I know that the baby is warm and there is no risk of a blanket wrapping around their mouth/nose.



I have fallen in love with the DockaTot and cannot wait to try it out with the little one. It makes co-sleeping, traveling, and tummy time that much easier and safer!

dock a tot


Sleep time is hit and miss in the first few months of a baby’s life and most often for me between feedings I am concerned about my baby and if he/she is breathing. Bring on hormones, lack of sleep, and any kind of health concern and this can drive a mom crazy.

The Owlet is an amazing, new product that helps tracking your child’s breathing as you sleep at night. It is capable of tracking your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and even connects to your smart phone to alert you if the sensor notices any dips of oxygen or heart beat rate.

I cannot wait to give this a try with this baby and I know it will provide a huge peace of mind, especially in those first few delicate months. The Owlet is also a huge sanity saver if your baby is sick and you are worried about your baby receiving enough oxygen.

Take advantage of our exclusive promo to get $20 off (if following this link the promo will be automatically applied.)


Happy Baby Wrap

I have been on the look out for a simple, light weight baby wrap to hold my baby in this summer. With having four little ones at home I know I am going to need something that will keep my hands free and I fell in love with this swiss dot design from Happy Baby Wrap!




Grocery shopping can be sooo hard as a mom. Especially once you get past having one child and you have one sitting in the cart with the food. If your child is anything like mine he actually likes to sit IN the cart instead of the designated “child spot.” I am literally obsessed with my new grocery pick up service from Walmart (use code REALEASY for $10 0ff your first order), but if that is not an option for you this is the next best thing.

LullaBelay for baby


The LullaBelay is a safe way to free up some space and avoid life-threatening crashes from the top of a grocery cart for your tiny baby.

Nursing cover

nursing cover

I love the new nursing covers that allow stretch and fit all the way around your body so you’re not worried about showing any side boob. This cover can also be used as a scarf or stretch it around your shopping cart for a clean zone for baby.

Tiny Bitz: baby clothes bundle that grows with you

Looking for a layette set that is darling and will grow with your baby, this set is for you. The material is oh-so-soft and simply adorable.



Audrey’s Bear


If you are looking for a gift that let’s your loved one know that you really took the time to find the perfect thing, look no further than Audrey’s bear. Personalized onesies, car seat covers, blankets, and hats that are the latest and sweetest designs. I can’t get over how cute they are!

I have more products that I will be sharing with you soon, and keep your eye out because I will be giving away a lot of these products through our instagram account soon. Make sure you are following us @MyMommyStyle!

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