Never Say Die!

As I go through my days, I always assume the BIG things that change my life will be further between then they actually are.  Right as I push through one wall, I run into another – and another – and other.  Walls don’t necessarily have to be labeled “bad” but they are things that challenge us, make us reflect on our values and goals, and push us a little harder each day.  If we didn’t have these things, we would probably just sit around and watch reality TV or something.

I love reality TV.  Of course, they mess with the individuals in the shows, and it isn’t completely accurate, but I still find it interesting watching peoples reactions to situations.  It is so interesting how when some are faced with a challenge, they do anything to get through it – and learn from the experience, while others blame, or make excuses for their lack of effort.

I have been both people.

We have SO MANY big things going on in our little home right now.  I can’t share it all, as usual, but it’s how life is, right?  One adventure after another!

Today, I received a text from Jordan’s teacher at school, that I wanted to share:


Cutest story about Jordan that I wanted to share.  Jordan was tired and rushing through some of his work.  I talked to him about it and had him go back and “fix” his rushing.  He wasn’t very happy about it and returned with exactly the same rushed work.  I encouraged him again, but the same results.  That is when I changed tactics.  I asked him if he looked up to his dad.  He perked right up and wholeheartedly affirmed his love and admiration for dad.  I asked if his dad did his very best at his job.  Again, Jordan agreed that he did.  I then asked if his dad did his best to be a great dad.  Again, yes.  I explained that Jordan’s job right now is to be the very best Kinderoo possible.  I further explained that one day, he too would be a dad.  “What kind of Dad do you want to be?”  I explained that in order to be your best, you have to practice it.

He got a great big smile on his face, and took his paper back to fix it.  As he returned to his seat, he smiled and said, “I want to be just like my dad, awesome at everything!”

That was a priceless moment for me!  I just want you and Jon to know how much he loves and adores you.  You truly changed his life for all eternity.

Jordan is doing so well!
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