My Mommy Style Spotlight: Courtney “Fry Sauce & Grits” Bra fitting and inner confidence

We are thrilled to have Courtney guest posting with us today from Proper bra fitting is a topic that is close to our hearts and you will see from this video why we love Courtney so much!



Hello! This is Courtney from the eclectic lifestyle blog Fry Sauce & Grits. Several weeks ago I had the privilege of being interviewed by some of most sweet, and talented ladies I know. The lovely ladies behind blog My Mommy Style. They started this series called My Mommy Style Spotlight where they interview different bloggers and ask them their approach to motherhood and ways that they have found happiness in their role as a Mom.

When they asked me to be interviewed, I was really nervous because I didn’t know what I was going to say or talk about. I thought, well I’m definitely not a perfect mother, I make mistakes all of the time, and I’m not as an experienced mom.

I’m not the most crafty, fun, domestic, clean, organized, or got it all together mother. Most days I feel like I’m always behind, the laundry is piling up, there’s dirty dishes in the sink, our house is a mess and etc. But I started to think, well what do I do well as a mother? Being interviewed for this video helped me to discover what I’m really good at as a mother.

Transitioning into motherhood was a hard for me. I’ve had a job since I was 12 and the thought of not working was foreign to me. I didn’t know by not having a job I would feel accomplished enough by just being a mom.

I soon found out three months after being a new mom that staying home had it’s perks, but I found myself longing to do something that made me feel connected to the outside world. I left my previous job because I didn’t want to spend away time from my daughter when I didn’t really love what I did. I promised myself that I would only strive to do what I truly love because life is so short.

That’s one of the reasons why my sisters and I started our blog Fry Sauce & Grits as a way to stay connected to each other as we lived far away from each other and to give me a place where I could pursue and share my hobbies, talents, and strive to live a more beautiful life and hopefully along the way inspire someone to do the same.

Blogging has made me really focus on what I’m good at and what I feel passionate about. While I was in college I worked as a bra fitter at Nordstrom and loved my job. One of the main reasons was because I was helping women feel beautiful, I was teaching them how to take care of their breasts, and I felt like I was changing their lives by helping them find bras that fit them. I knew that I wanted to start writing about this topic on my blog. I was kind of nervous to do it because it was something I felt so passionate about and wanted others to see it’s importance. To my surprise women from around the world were reading my bra posts, leaving comments, and to this day my bra posts have been the most visited post on our blog.

After the success of my bra posts I thought of the idea of doing private and online bra consultations to earn a few extra bucks and plus that was one of my most favorite things to do was interacting with these women one-on-one. I thought to myself, who is going to want to pay me to go bra shopping with them? Again to my surprise, women from around the country were contacting me because they wanted my help. This has been a great blessing for me and my family and for myself because I’m doing something that I truly love.

Four Traits to Teach your Children through Example Fry Sauce and Grits

Through this experience I’ve learned a lot of what I want to instill in my children and I think is really important to teach them.

1. Find their passion

I hope to teach my children through example to follow their hearts. To find something they’re passionate about and do what makes them happy in life. Life is really short and I don’t want to waste my life doing something I hate. Inside of all of us we have the power to change our lives. Yeah, it’s scary, yeah it could be risky, yeah it’s putting ourselves out there, but I’d rather die knowing I tried, failed, and learned something from it than not trying at all.

2. Dream big

I want my children to dream big. I want my children to be have goals and aspirations. All of us have so much greatness and potential no matter our circumstances. I have big dreams and aspirations in my life and I thought because I’m a mother and wife, that would tie me down, but it has done the quite opposite. By being a mother and having a family has made me more grounded, and they remind me everyday what is really important in life.

3. Share your talents

I feel that everyone one of us on this earth has been given a God given talent and it’s one of our purposes in this life to help, inspire, and share our talents with others. That is what makes us all uniquely different and special. For me it’s been helping women feel beautiful again and educating them on how bras should fit. Not the average talent, but it defines who I am and gives me a sense of purpose.

4. Love and be kind to others

I’ve tried to really instill in my daughter to love and be kind to others. It makes me so happy inside whenever we talk down the street or down the aisle at the grocery store that she’s always waving to people and saying “Hi!” She loves giving hugs and saying thank you and please. I want to teach her to love and accept others whether they’re a different race or sexual orientation. or i There’s so much I love this quote, “Because nice matters.” By being nice and kind to others will get you so much farther in life than not being.

By teaching my children these important characteristics of striving to be happy, loving others, find their passions, and dreaming big I hope to help build strong and independent adults that will help to inspire, help, and uplift others.





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