Living Scriptures is Now Streaming + Special Discount

Living Scriptures is now streaming! With Easter right around the corner this is the perfect time to gift your family some wholesome entertainment they can enjoy any time any where. You can enjoy the entire library downloaded to your device, listening to the audio in your car, or watching on your ROKU. I am so excited about this new service!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I LOVE the memories from my childhood chasing down Easter eggs, learning about the savior, and my special easter dress. In fact, one Easter that remains dearest to me and my siblings was the year that the Easter bunny hid our eggs outside and as we searched for them we discovered that the eggs had all been eaten by an animal of some sort. We laugh as adults now but at the time it was pretty disappointing.

As I’ve grown older the deeper meaning of Easter has become my most treasured memory of all. Jesus Christ is at the center of everything I hold dear and hope more than anything to pass on that love and understanding to my children.

Living Scriptures was a part of my family and my understanding of the scriptures at a very early age. My siblings and I would watch episode after episode and we truly enjoyed them. Back in the days of VHS we really wore those tapes out and my mother was thrilled that we knew a few things about the story when we were asked because the movies really brought them to life for us.


The world is so different now when it comes to family entertainment. Almost every home is filled with multiple devices for whatever it is that you may want to watch. This has cut down on the number of fights about what to watch, but it has also made it scary as a parent knowing what is coming into your home through Netflix or another streaming service.

As a family we have made it a new tradition to watch Living Scriptures together every Sunday night. The kids really look forward to it and remind us if we as parents forget. We all sit together and LEARN together and have an awesome discussion about what we watch together as as family. It has become some of the most tender moments that we have shared as a family as we come to understand Jesus together more and his role here on earth.

I was THRILLED when I learned that Living Scriptures is now offering live streaming of their entire library for only $9.99 for all access with no contract and online signup! And if you sign up now you can even get half off using this code!


You can choose from the Old Testament (12 Videos), New Testament (24 Videos) or Book of Mormon (13 Videos). These stories are all historically accurate and will teach your kids a lot more quickly about the scriptures than reading can at a young age. (At least that was my personal experience.) What I love most is that you KNOW your kids are watching something that is worthwhile, historical, and uplifting.

Living Scriptures

You can also find 10 songs that your kids will enjoy, the entire church history collection, quiz games, and FHE lessons. I am personally excited about the audio because I have been using audio so much more around the house while I clean and do laundry.

Our kids LOVE history and we are so excited to have access to all of these incredible leaders from the past.

Follow my special link HERE to get 50% off your first month of streaming and enjoy all of this and more for only $5!

There are no signed contracts and you are able to cancel your service at any time.

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