Lamplight Lounge at Disneyland’s California Adventure on Pixar Pier Review

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I was recently invited to a media preview of the Lamplight Lounge at Disneyland’s new Pixar Pier and fell in love. If I am honest, food is one of the number one reasons why Disney is one of our favorite places to visit each year. I am may even be so bold as to say it is the only reason my husband comes! 🙂 If you are looking for a respite from the crowds and busy Disney life, this is the perfect place to wind down with a cool drink and delicious food. This restaurant is family friendly of course, as it is Disney, but I think this spot is especially nice for enjoying the company of adults and time to really enjoy the atmosphere and food selection.

So what should you order at Lamplight Lounge? Let’s dive in!

The entry way of the Lamplight Lounge is stunning with bright red walls and a black and white tiled floor. It is made to celebrate the art that goes into the magic of Disney so you are literally surrounded with the most gorgeous art work on the walls. It was really fun to see new characters from Coco, Toy Story favorites, and other Pixar friends. Because this is Pixar Pier you will see artwork from all Pixar favorites.



Perfect spot to take a fun pic of your toes.

I love this chandelier that showcases artwork from the Pixar films. And look at that gorgeous view!

As you take a quick tour around the restaurant you will easily see that every seat is the best seat in the house.

I love all of the art in this mid area of the restaurant!

Here is a fun view of the new Incredicoaster! It is wicked fast and so much fun!

I love the intimate seating areas! This seats look so cozy.

This is a cozy, private little nook that is so cute! I love all of the toys on the shelves.

Even the bathrooms are fun! Look at the house from UP!


Looking through the menu is an adventure all in of itself. Almost every drink has a fun illustration and description that you can read and see. There are alcoholic and non alcoholic available that are a lot of fun. I do not drink alcohol, so it was really fun to have a fun drink that I could enjoy, too!

Here are some examples you can enjoy:

I started my dinner with an Infinity Fizz. The cups are made to hold their own individual dry ice that makes it so your cherry pearls are billowing through your drink! It is so much fun! You are kept safe from the dry ice as it is in a separate part of the cup so there is no worry of drinking it on accident. It is made of Powerade® Mountain Berry Blast, Apple Juice and Cherry Pearls. $6.50



This is the area where we were sitting and it was the perfect view of the entire park! We were able to see all sides of the pier and the barstools would be especially fun at night when the fire is lit in the middle of the table.

These Lobster Nachos are a MUST. I am typically not a sea food fan and I am a big fan. It has just the right amount of spice to keep things interesting without burning your mouth. This is a fun appetizer to share with some friends.

This Carne Asade Roll surprised me with how much I liked it. I would truly consider ordering this for my entree.  It is made of Grilled New York Strip Steak, Roasted Fresno Chili Salsa, Escabèche, and Crema. $17.00

Have you ever heard of a Tuna Poke? You are given a large spoon to pop the top to enjoy Yellowfin Tuna “Rice Bowl” with Magic Watermelon, Avocado, Edamame, Shishito Peppers, and Spiced Mango Nectar $18.

These potato skins are the ultimate indulgence and so so good. I would say this is a must in my book. Made with crispy Yukon Gold Potatoes with Brown Butter-Caper Yogurt, Smoked Paprika Aïoli, and Manchego Cheese $14.

Salmon PLT. Seasoned to perfection and absolutely delicious. Grilled Salmon with crispy Pancetta, Romaine Lettuce, Roasted Plum Tomato, Lemon-Bacon Aïoli, and Toasted Focaccia served with Malted Fries $23.

This is the Ratatouilli.  Fully flavored and so delicious.  Roasted Eggplant and Bell Pepper Ragoût with Zucchini Noodles, warm Burrata Cheese, Smoked Tomato Sauce, and Basil Aïoli.  $19.00

The Cheddar Burger did not disappoint. It was so fresh and juicy! grilled custom Burger blend with Tillamook Cheddar, Roasted Plum Tomato, Red Onion, Avocado Ranch Spread, and Toasted Amish Bun served with Malted Fries $22.

I would come to Lamplight Lounge for these donuts alone. Seriously epic. The raspberry and the chocolate sauce are incredibly decadent, so delicious I wanted to drink them both! $9

If you’re looking for something a little lighter you could try the Spinach Salad! Made with curly Spinach with warm Wild Mushrooms, Soft Poached Egg, Charred Onion Vinaigrette, Shitake “Bacon”, and Blue Cheese Toast $23.

There are specific items made for kids like the pb&j Roll made with creamy Peanut Butter and Whole Wheat “Roll” with Strawberry Jelly served with a flower pot of Veggies with Hummus and fresh Fruit $8.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found something you are going to try!  You can find the Lamplight Lounge’s full menu HERE.

You can make your reservation HERE.

Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made—online or by phone—up to 60 days in advance.

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Thank you so much for having us Lamplight Lounge! We had a blast!

If you’re planning a Disneyland vacation, make sure to use Get Away Today- they offer the best prices & services guaranteed! Plus, you can save an additional $10 on packages using promo code Camille.
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