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Welcome to the summer learning series “I Can Do it: Math!” If you missed anything shared on our first topic, HANDS – CLICK HERE to start from the beginning. And if you missed what the FIVE PROTECTIVE FACTORS are and why we use them in our work – CLICK HERE.

As we begin to talk about the topic for August “I Can Do it” I find it pretty awesome that we are beginning with MATH! This has always been the hardest subject for me and I have been pretty helpless when it comes to helping my kids. There is just an understanding in our home that once you get into junior high – you find an older sibling and ask them how to solve the problem. On one hand, it makes me feel like a loser – but on the other hand – I have enjoyed watching the kids rely on each other for answers and direction. When I took my college entrance exams, I only missed one in English but they recommended pretty much starting with Algebra again for math. Well, whatever I learned is long gone.

It’s important that our kids feel confident in trying new things. If you think about it, a child’s world is pretty full of NO’s. I think it is really important to say yes whenever possible, so that when you really feel passionate about something as a parent – the NO carries more weight. It’s actually really easy to say no before you really even thin about what the child is asking… believe me, I know. I am listening to requests from kids all day long, everyday. If I did everything they wanted, I would feel crazy. Besides, it’s not healthy for them to get whatever they want and I physically can’t do everything.

BUT, if they ask something that really doesn’t cause any problems – then why not? Why not let the kids wear an outfit that doesn’t match, read the same book a million times, eat weird combinations of food, or run in the rain?

Then, when these kiddos get a little bit older, they have some confidence in their decision making skills. They feel as though they can accomplish something and that they can make big goals, because they have had small achievements. I think this falls into the “Social and Emotional Competence of Children” Protective Factor. This category means that the child has some understanding of their feelings – and if they feel proud, they are more likely to be happy and stable children. Once again, it is great to talk to your kids about how they are feeling so they have a good picture of how they feel. If they make a decision and it doesn’t turn out so well, talk it through with them. Ask them why they may be sad or frustrated. Let them know that it’s okay to feel this way – it is human.

Also, KBYU has a really fun contest coming up! Check out the details below. Daniel Tiger’s “Be My Neighbor Celebration” will be super fun, and you won’t want to miss it! The party they held at the beginning of summer was a HUGE hit! September 10th will be a great wrap up party, so stay tuned to hear more. Visit their website or go to their Facebook page to get more details. And be sure to tag @kbyueleven with a picture of how your family is being neighborly!

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