Mom Life: How to Manage Being a Full-Time Mom While Being a Blogger

A mom’s life, especially that of a new mom, is often riddled with sleepless nights, busy days, and little time for yourself. However, seeing how your child is so happy and healthy makes it very rewarding and fulfilling. Mom life is a blessing beyond words – and many won’t trade off these experiences for anything else. In fact, each motherhood stage is so precious that you should enjoy them fully. 

On the other hand, while being a full-time mom is very fulfilling, aspiring to be a mom blogger is also a great project to undertake. Starting a mom blog can be a daunting task, but it can also provide another venue of accomplishment. Especially when you’re able to build a successful and income-generating blog site.

Good time management is what it takes to be a mom and a blogger at the same time. Getting a balance between these two roles allows a supermom like you to enjoy the rewards and the sense of accomplishment that comes from succeeding in them.

Mom Life: How to Manage Being a Full-Time Mom While Being a Blogger
Mom Life: How to Manage Being a Full-Time Mom While Being a Blogger

Tips to Manage a Blogger’s Time as a Mom

Here are some tips on how to manage your time so you can take care of your kids and still work on your blog site.  

Plan your weekly schedule – and stick to it

Create your schedule ahead to ensure that you included all important tasks. Place meetings and blog uploading schedules on your calendar for easy setting of reminders. Make a checklist that you can tick off after each completion if this is more effective for you. Here are some that you can add to your list: 

Spending time together with the Time for Us program

Remember to stick to important schedules to keep your process smooth and consistent. This includes publishing blogs regularly to encourage your readers to come back for more reading later. I find creating healthy goals together as a family helps too.

  1. Focus on accomplishing tasks – one at a time

Concentrate on finishing each task one at a time. Giving it your 100% attention ensures that you give it your best effort which should turn out well compared to doing it as part of your multi-task. 

So, if you’re set on blogging, look for mom blog niche ideas that you’re interested to do for a long time. Then check out what platform you want to build your website on. WordPress is a no-code blogging platform that even new web development users can learn quickly. 

After creating your blog, focus on writing a blog first and make sure to proofread it before publishing it. Focusing on writing each blog should require fewer revisions after.           

Work at the times – you don’t spend with your kids  Being a full-time mom means your kids and their needs are your priorities. So, be a blogger around the time your kids are otherwise busy. You can write while they’re playing, taking naps, or having their classes. Writing at night when they’ve gone to bed also works, especially if you’re able to focus more at this time. After all, it’s quiet and your kids are sleeping – a perfect time to be the blogger!  Whatever time you decide to work on your blog, you need to find ways to increase your energy to be able to cope with your active and busy days and nights.
  1. Hire a virtual assistant – to help boost your online presence 

If you know what you’re doing in establishing a blog site, you can start your blog without any help yet. Or if you’re new to this but you like learning and exploring DIYs, there are many guides that you can follow to set it up. However, once things are hectic at home and your blog starts picking up traffic, it may be challenging to manage things alone already. When you’re in this stage, hire a creative virtual assistant to help you manage your blogs and boost your online presence.   

***If you are looking for help in knowing WHO to hire or how to best utilize a virtual assistant that is something I coach women business owners on. I also match up my VA graduates from my 60 Days to VA program. Book a free a consulting call with me HERE.

Building the online presence of a website is important if you want to slowly establish your rank and authority and increase your website traffic. More website owners like mom blogs that make money today hire VAs to help them manage their websites. VAs can take charge of promoting your blogs on your social media accounts. They can also write your blogs and publish these blogs on your website. All you need to do is check that the blogs are consistent with what you’ve been publishing thus far. 

On the whole, being a full-time mom is not a hindrance in trying out new endeavors – like becoming a successful blogger. With the right time management and a virtual assistant to help manage blogging tasks for you, you can achieve that life-work balance that you want to have. So, start looking for your niche and be the mom blogger you want to be today.

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