How to make Storage Shelves for under $75

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The other day I was having a “craft night” with my neighbors and we were all making “no soliciting” signs. The host offered to give a house tour and if there was such thing as a hobby as “house touring” it would be one of my top hobbies. I guess there are people who frequently go to home shows, so maybe it is a legit hobby? I will pretend so. Anyway, we headed down to the basement and I was in complete organizational envy when I saw her storage room. The room was lined with beautiful wooden shelves and all of the totes were stacked in a row. Ahhhhhhhh. I geek out over  a few strange things…school supplies, freshly cut grass, and an organized home to name a few. We have been in our home now for almost two years and our tote/storage situation was getting a little out of hand.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I came home gushing about how flowers and chocolates were not for me…I desperately wanted Storage Shelves to organize my basement with. My husband being the loving man that he is was willing to grant my wish and off to Home Depot we went (after hitting up In and Out burger) of course. *If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this…super hot date, I promise!


To get you started we made you this handy list of the items you will need as well as the tools you will need to make this all happen. Refer to the video below for a visual of what they look like. 🙂

how to build storage shelves, cost,, item list for storage shelvesTools Needed, how to build storage shelves,

 One handy tip is to haul all of your materials to the place you will be using the shelves; these puppies get heavy and you will not be able to move them easily once they are all put together.

how to build storage shelves, DIY, measurements for shelves,

How to build storage shelves step by step,, cutting cross bars, diy, storage shelves, wood storage shelves.


measuring 2x4s, how to make storage shelves,


How to build storage shelves, clamps, sawing,


pre-drill holes, how to build storage shelves,


how to make storage shelves, measuring height of totes to decided height for your shelves, DIY, Home depot,


leveling out shelves, how to build storage shelves, DIY, home depot,

That is our step by step guide, but we thought a video would help tremendously more. If you aren’t subscribing to our youtube channel yet please do! We will be adding more and more video in the near future of helpful “how to’s” and other secret, amazing things that you will not want to miss. If you enjoyed this tutorial please share it!




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