Homemade skid resistant socks

My daughter absolutely hates shoes! I have tried different brands, types, styles and she will not wear any of them. She scrunches her toes and screams like they are eating her feet.

“Moooooom, shoes are the worst!”

I normally wouldn’t care so much, but now that it is getting colder I wish she would wear something on her feet. I noticed it is the worst when she wears tights because they are so slippery.

Exhibit A: almost doing the splits at her birthday party.

I found slip resistant tights online, but they are a little pricey, and besides I already have 10 or more pair of slippery tights that she wasn’t going to be able to wear.

So, I had an idea. I just used a little glue from my hot glue gun on the bottom of her tights to make them slip resistant. It was soooo easy, it took me less than 10 minutes.

First, plug in your glue gun and get the tights you are going to use.

Make sure the tights are lined up so you are putting glue on the bottom. You could trace your child’s foot on cardboard and then slip it in the bottom of the tights so you have a hard, flat surface to work on that is the exact shape of your child’s foot. That is optional, I just flipped it over and flattened it out.

Then start adding dots of glue all over.

Let it dry for 15-20 seconds, so the glue cools down a bit and then make sure your glue dots are flat, just to make them more comfortable to walk on.

That’s it! You can do this on any cotton socks or tights, but I don’t suggest the opaque tights, I haven’t tried it, but I imagine they would melt.

Now I’m just going to go enjoy this time where my daughter hates shoes. I imagine in 14 years that will all change and I’ll want these days back. 🙂


To wash skid resistant tights or socks, turn inside out and hang to dry. Or hand wash. If you dry them in the dryer the glue will melt off. I know from experience. 🙂

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  • Melissa! This is BRILLIANT!! How did you know I needed this idea? I have 16 months boy. He doesn’t mind shoes, in fact, he loves them, but I don’t like him wearing shoes inside the house.

    The Issue:
    My sweet sister-in-law gave me some hand-me-down footie pjs that are so cute, but the footie section is run down, literally, and there is no more stick or grip. He was slipping all over the place last night. I was thinking there must be a way to redo the slip resistant material. And TADA… There is! This post seriously was meant for me! Thank you for sharing this Melissa!!



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