Help Your Child understand Emotions and Develop Life Skills with Mightier

Mightier is a gaming program developed at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical designed for children dealing with generalized emotional regulation issues and to help them learn coping skills. It isn’t only a game, it is smart technology that can actually help you connect to your child’s emotions in a hands on, interactive way. You are also assigned a licensed clinical that will help you through as you learn and is invested in your individual child and their needs.
I was so excited to learn about the Mightier because while my son isn’t technically on the spectrum he was struggling with some emotional outbursts and needs that I couldn’t seem to fulfill. The time commitment is 45 minutes a week, although you may find your child wanting to play more! Each Mightier Starter kit comes with a Mighty Band heart rate monitor, Mightier app and library of games (available on both iPhone and Android), coaching sessions with a licensed clinician, an online hub to track your child’s process and access to a private community of Mightier parents. The Mightier Foundation kit also comes with a tablet and four coaching sessions. When you are setting up the heart rate monitor your child is taken through a series of steps to introduce him/her to Dr. Dragon through the series of the game will help you to learn how to lower their heart rate as the games get progressively harder. One of the number one ways Mightier helped us was by allowing us to see how fast my son’s heart rate really was. When we were setting up the game they suggest that as the parent you give the game a try yourself. It jumped up and down for nearly 15 minutes before my heart rate reached the max required. My son put the heart rate monitor on and without moving a muscle we watched as the heart rate monitor climbed up and up without even trying to make it do so. It was then that I realized just how often his heart rate was in a fight or flight zone. Being aware of this made me realize more than ever that we needed to figure out a way to help our child be more calm and aware of himself and his emotions.
All of the games have basic steps and my four year old was able to navigate them easily after the first initial set up. There are some reading sections that you need to help with in the beginning if your child doesn’t know how to read. One thing you need to be mindful of is making sure that your arm band is connected closely with the monitor. This can be placed on your upper arm or even on your child’s ankle if your child doesn’t like it on his/her arm. The game is designed to create a space for your child to develop the ability to breath through frustrations. If the game is getting too difficult little bugs called Lavalings will attack the screen. As your child learns to breath slowly the Lavalings will go away and the game will become easier for your child to complete. The game is designed in a way that you can track your child’s progress as the game goes on.
1. Create a space for your child to develop the ability to be patient through frustrations. 2. Monitor your child’s ability to cope with stress through a smart heart beat device. 3. Offer coaching services in the comfort of your home home through phone/face time conferencing. 4. Help your child with understanding patience and calming methods. 5. The counseling sessions are comfortable and wonderful. You can choose to do them with your child or without. I was impressed with my son’s ability to transfer the lessons he was learning from playing the app from deep breathing into real life. We would relate real life frustrations he was going through to the game and how he could practice deep breathing to help him get through those moments, too. I had the best response with my son when we did the gaming together on a routine. You can sign up for Mightier on a month to month basis so you don’t have to commit for a certain length to time.
It is important when you are setting up with your child that you try it with them the first little while. Try to make it a time that you can connect and be together in a good way because the game can get frustrating. I tried to keep the games a novelty so that he wouldn’t burn out too quickly and he would see it as a treat. You can also sign up your other kids on the same games so that you can learn coping skills learned from Mightier as a family. Deep breathing and learning to take a minute when you’re frustrated is a lesson anyone can benefit from. One of the best benefits is being able to connect with other parents on Facebook in a private group using Mightier! I have loved getting to know other parents who were going through the same things and were willing to share. It is a judgement free zone where you can learn how to better use the app and teach skills that transfer into every day life with your family.
If you’re interested you can start a free 30 day trial! You have the option to choose between using your own tablet/device or buying one through the program.
I hope this program helps you, it has been wonderful for us! This post was written in partnership with Mightier. All opinions shared are my own.
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