Happy Thanksgiving (With a Big Announcement!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Camille and  I are SO grateful for many things in life. Family, of course, is number ONE.  Our family would not be possible, without the blessing of Adoption. My husband was adopted, and without that, I wouldn’t have him or my children, and without a few amazing birth moms, I would not have my husband or my miracle son. To read the full story, click HERE.  For this reason, Camille and I have decided to give a portion of every sale on Sweet Solstice to Adoption. We will highlight a different family each month, tell their story and raise funds for the expense their adoption, as they seek that special baby that is meant to be placed into their waiting arms.   We will also give a portion to help “Blessings in a Basket” a support system for birth moms, through gifting special baskets to them in the hospital, and providing help online, through meeting together, and restorative retreats, fundraising runs, and more!  Their selfless act of love, through adoption, leaves me breathless.  I know there are lots of family members reading about my son, and husband online, just to experience a small part of their journey.

Adoption is a miracle that reaches into heaven in so many ways.  My journey started with a prayer said in the quiet solitude of my laundry room.  I was in love with my six daughters, but knew my family wasn’t complete without a son.  Jordan, AKA Handsome, literally showed up on my front door step two years later.  My daughter Halle, knew him.  She had seen him before, and she told me he would be coming when she was only two years old.  Why does it take us so long to listen to our children?

Thanks Christine (my husbands birth mom) , Shianne (my sons birth mom), and NaNa (my sons birth Grandma).  I know your heart aches for your boys.  Just know that I am grateful to you on this beautiful Thanksgiving day, for giving me everything I love in this world.  Nothing would be the same without your sacrifice, and I will work to give back anything and everything I can to bring the same gift of adoption to more families.

If you know a family that would like to be considered to be highlighted one month, please email me at [email protected].  Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your blessings.  I, for one, am grateful for every member of my family. After all, it’s not blood that makes a family – it’s LOVE makes a family!

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