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Are you ready to see the cutest thing ever, or today anyway?  We have for your viewing pleasure, some charcoal button down leg warmers by Nolie Polie Olies! 

Nolie Polie Olies is a bohemian accessory line bringing you unique and stylish accessories to add to any outfit.  And I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more brilliant to my legs than rolling puckered lace and cozy leg warmers all into one! Now, all that is missing is perfectly painted toe nails to finish it off.

I must get right on that!

And honestly, that’s just the beginning. Here are a few more of her items for your viewing and purchasing pleasure:

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Just a little re-cap:

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I just returned from Las Vegas for a quick get away girls trip.  We had a really good excuse, because it was WPPI, a specialized conference for photographers.  And although I am simply a photographer wanna be, my cousin Mandy is most definitely already achieved so much success and loveliness.  Her business is called Mandy Oliver Photograpy, and she is based out of Southern California.  She is also willing to travel, if needed.

I was there as a poser.  A pathetic, photographer, poser – and that’s okay.

I still learned so much from some great people in the industry.  I have always loved to take pictures, and contemplated starting a business, several times.  But – I am kind of busy, so I practice.  I figure this can’t hurt anything, and at some point if it feels right than I will.  If not, I will have at least become better at my hobby.  Please excuse my horrible iphone pictures, right after I just told you I was a kinda photographer!

We actually went DANCING!  I haven’t done this in 20 years!  It was a private party put on by the WPPI, so although it was in a pretty riskay club in the MGM (TABU) it was controlled.  Everyone was dressed and behaving themselves 🙂  Mandy and I are so out of this scene, it was very funny!  We wedged ourselves up against two couches that made and L shape, and danced the night away!

Another night we went to the Beatles LOVE show.  It was also unbelievable, the show AND my shoes.  They hurt like a harry ape man sticking a thousand hot hulking needles into my horrified eyes.

I actually put them up for free on my instagram feed! Am I really selling these shoes to  you?  I’ve had people ask on the MyMommyStyle Instagram where I bought them, because they are cute – so here you go.  Knock yourselves out!  They are cheap, and feel that way.  But Cute.

And after all the play, room service and the spa was in order.

There was beautiful artwork at the spa.  It just goes to show that you can blue a bunch of pieces of wood to a board, and call it art!  Loved it.

I thought because it’s fashion week, and it will be St. Patricks Day on Sunday, that I would share some fashion looks that I love that are all GREEN!  Green makes me happy.  There are so many beautiful shades, and it is vibrant.  It brings life to the earth – and to our wardrobe.

Do you see why my hubman calls me a tree hugger?

Source: via Janae on Pinterest

Source: via Janae on Pinterest

Source: via Janae on Pinterest

Have a great St. Patricks Day, and remember to wear green on Sunday!

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