Go Eat Clay

Have you ever wanted to do something, and never done it?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, there are these THINGS that we just want to do. It may not make sense, you may sound crazy to others when you announce your intent – whatever it is, we let others decide if we are going to do something. Maybe it’s because we second guess ourselves and we need to have more confidence. Maybe it’s because our friends and family care about us and they are just trying to make our lives less painful. And maybe they are just plain smarter, and they falter in seeing the rational of eating clay.


My whole life, I’ve played with clay. I smell it, smash it, make figurines with it, roll it, bounce it – and it makes me happy, but the ONE thing I’ve never done – (AND I’VE REALLY WANTED TO) –  is bite it. The battle is real. Every time I see clay, I want to eat it. The consistency makes me want to take a bit right out of it – but I resist, until yesterday.

I saw Brighton playing with it and I thought, “I’m FORTY years old. Heck, I’m over the FREAKING hill. I’m just going to
BITE THAT CLAY.” and I did. And guess what? It was discussing. And guess what else? It was really satisfying in a salty sort of way, because I finally dared to try something that everyone else told me I couldn’t.

My daughters laughed, my daughters’ friends laughed, my son laughed, and I laughed – as I was running to get the paper towel to rub it off my teeth. I had no idea it would stick like that! I was pretty sure my teeth would seamlessly sink into the perfect substance, and retract clean, but they didn’t.

So, true to the Pink-Moss way, Brighton grabbed her phone and documented our little adventure. I don’t know if I like instant video, or not. Sometimes I’m really grateful for it and other times I wish cell phones had never been invented – but mostly, I’m grateful for it. Because if I had a picture of MY mom eating clay for the salt of it, I’d want to keep it forever, too.

So here’s the moral to my little share.

If you want to do something, GO FOR IT and OWN it! Ride a bike for the first time in years, write a book, speak in public, dance in the street – whatever it is, LIVE your life. OWN your life and be comfortable in your skin. This is what brings happiness, even if it doesn’t end up as great as you thought it would be – you can say you DARED and came out CONQUERER!

(Just don’t eat green clay, it’s gross)

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