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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the entire year! My son is also obsessed with telling jokes and reading joke books, they are actually some of the first books he voluntarily read on his own. So I figured why not make some fun Halloween jokes to throw into his lunchbox?

Halloween is an extra special time to enjoy things sweet…but I hate when my kids get a candy overload and are sick from all of the sugar. That is why adding something sweet and sour that is also good for them is a major bonus. Musselman’s new squeezable sours applesauce is so delicious and the perfect “treat” that is also packed with vitamins and minerals!



New, great-tasting sour apple sauce (available in Sour Lemon, Sour Raspberry, and Sour Cherry) is only available from Musselman’s. Musselman’s Squeezables are also available in Strawberry, Honey Cinnamon, and Unsweetened.

These easy to go pouches can be found in the applesauce aisle of any grocery store. Major bonus is this healthy snack contains no high fructose corn syrup and is GMO free.

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The kids enjoyed all of the flavors and wanted to try each one right after another. Because of this, I would probably have to save them for special lunches because they would disappear pretty quick around my house.


The squeezable sours could also make a really fun treat for Halloween if you are passing out  healthy alternative treat options.


These jokes are made to print on an 8×10 sheet so you can easily print them off and add them to your child’s lunchbox!

 To download this FREE Printable click HERE.

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