Field Trip to Recycling Center

why a recycling center is an awesome field trip

At Davis County Moms, we hope to strengthen families by providing information about local activities and events in the community and by writing about educational activities to do with children at home. Since we focus primarily on finding things to do in the community, I called our local recycling center and asked if I could bring my boys, ages 5, 3, and 1, to see the center and learn about it. They went above and beyond by offering to give us a free hour-and-a-half tour of the center and supplying us with kits including a large poster, small metal garbage can, reusable tote bags, and more!


LFtwilightpadFor the first part of the tour, we watched an entertaining, highly informative video entitled “Where Does Our Garbage Go?”


I was amazed by the efficiency of the landfill. As we drove around on the tour and watched the employees processing various kinds of garbage, I was impressed by the way they tried to reduce waste…even turning garbage into electricity by burning the garbage and selling the steam power to a local electricity provider! All of my boys—even my 1-year-old—were fascinated by the tour.

We concluded the tour at the landfill’s recycling center. While many cities in our county provide curbside recycling, some cities are not able to. So the landfill opened a recycling center of their own where people can drop off their recyclables. We learned all about what happens to used oil, where we can pick up free paint, how machines work to compress recyclable materials into large cubes, and much more.


We also learned about some things we could do to help the environment—like not putting grass clippings in curbside garbage cans (when the grass is burned, an inversion gas called NOx is produced). All in all, it was a great visit, and it was a fantastic way to teach my kids more about recycling and help them become more enthusiastic about the process!




Our county’s landfill offers free tours for any group of children. If you’re interested, contact your local recycling center or landfill to see if they offer a guided tour. Even if tours are not available for your area, a simple visit to the center and a visit with an employee can provide a great deal of insight and information! If you have something you would like to recycle, check this website to find a drop-off location near you!


*All photos from Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District


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