Corn-Dogs are Gross


13292653_sSomeone once told me that ovens were for cooking things. I don’t agree.

I pick my oven for the amount of cubic space held within. This way, when unannounced people stop by, you can manage to pile an enormous amount of tippy cups, plates, pans and utensils inside the dark storage  – in a short amount of time. I’m pretty sure a mother created the first oven, for this exact reason.

Ovens aren’t the only thing that camouflage a very proficient tool for mothers. Junk drawers are my favorite, because you can actually sound like your mess is planned – as long as the drawer is named. My husband doesn’t agree. He has a mother that organizes her spices, down to alphabetical order – and actually makes money when she  grocery shops – because she’s so good at cutting and using coupons. I figure I’ve done a pretty outstanding job, by actually getting to the store, and I give myself huge bonus points if anything I buy, can be compiled in some sort of edible way.

My mom tried to get me to learn her cooking ways. I promised that I’d practice, just as soon as I really needed to. Now that I have six children living at home, I’ve decided to brush up on my microwaveable skills. Did you know that you can cook eggs in a cup in the microwave, and costco has this amazing broccoli you can microwave in a bag? And microwavable birthday cakes are even possible now. They make it so easy to push the buttons and be done with it.

We went to a restaurant once and my daughter ordered a corn dog. Ewww … first of all, the mere word CORN and DOG should never be used together. Apart, it works – and it should stay that way. (Like some relationships I’ve seen) What is it – smashed up corn and stuff and then, as if hot dogs weren’t gross enough, thy push them on a stick and roll them in the stuff, dip them in ketchup and mustard and Voila! CORN DOGS!

One time, our family went to a restaurant – who am I kidding – we go all of the time, but this particular time, my daughter ordered a corn dog. When it arrived, she was starving from my lack of care – and dug in!

Neither of us could believe that it was actually crispy on the outside. “Gross” my daughter said “It’s like golden brown, and… crisssspy….”

I’m glad my kids can appreciate a good corn dog when they eat one – coming out of the microwave, in my kitchen.


And that’s my mommy style….. ps. I’m Janae

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