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Are you overwhelmed with the idea of planning a party for your child? What if I told you there is a way you can plan a party that everyone will love, you’ll have no clean up to worry about and all you need to provide is the presents and the cake? Towards the end of the year I am always overwhelmed with school activities, holidays, and homework. Jett’s third birthday was coming up and I had no plans of what I wanted to do or where I was going to do it. When I only had one child I had a lot more time to devote to party planning.  I was thrilled when  the Classic Fun Center in Orem contacted me and told me about their awesome birthday packages and knew it was just what I wanted our party to be. In one package we were able to have decorations, a private room, skating, arcades, bounce houses, pizza, and even ice cream! We had a group of over 20 people from 0 to +50 and everyone had a wonderful time.

We arrived and the party was waiting for us to enjoy. I love having our own room where we could keep personal belongings, presents, and privacy. This provided the perfect place for me to be able to nurse the baby when it was time as well.


Being the middle child Jett doesn’t always get as much attention as he likes and he was so excited to have a day that was all about him!


The kids were so excited to lace up their skates and get started right away. You can bring your own scooters, wiggle cars, or tricycles if you aren’t comfortable on skates or roller blades. The staff will help you find just the right fit.


I was pretty shocked that Jett was ready and willing to skate! Paul helped him with a little help from the skate helper. I am not sure what to call it, but it is a walker made out of pipe and it is amazing!skate

The kids loved zooming around in their scooters and playing games like “wipe out” and the “funky chicken.”classic-skating-birthday-party-scooter-party-timeclassic-skatingclassic-skating-birthday-party-skatesclassic-skating-birthday-party-skating-cousins-fun


Classic Fun Center Birthday Parties come in all different packages to fit any budget. You can even choose to have your own party table that comes with pizza, drinks, tokens, and endless skating for your whole party.

After the kids had their fill of skating we took a break to enjoy some pizza and ice cream.


The pizza was really good! I loved that they cut the pieces small for the little hands that were holding them and the kids loved the endless drinks!


I spent an extra amount of time piping this amazing dinosaur cake. Just kidding, it is from Costco and it was amazing! classic-skating-birthday-party-costco-cake-dinosaur-cake

Jett loved blowing out his candles and even had a little help from his cousin.classic-skating-birthday-party-birthday-cake-blowing-out-the-candles

Three years ago my baby Jett was born. He had added so much spunk and love to our home. Of all my children he has been the most musical ?as he could carry a tune and remember melodies, his favorite being “The Imperial March” (Darth Vader’s song). He has always been known to speak in a growl and with a louder than necessary level which is why we lovingly call him bear. ? He loves sports of any kind and we are excited to see which one he ends up loving the most. ⚽️??⚾️ He has no problem holding his own as the younger brother, in fact it is often my older kids running away from him. ??But more than anything he has always been my snuggler, he will give me love any time. ?Happy Birthday Jettso, we love you!


I love finding unexpected pictures of my sweet husband behind the scenes. He’s just doing his thing being the awesome Daddy that he is. Janae caught this photo while I was cutting the cake and I love it.


The party had just begun after eating was through. The kids were now ready to enjoy the bounce houses, arcade games, and prize center!



And some even went back for more skating. That is what I loved most of all is that even though we were in a large group, we were able to divide up and enjoy different areas of the Classic Fun Center without losing each other. Our absolute favorite part was when Jett got to spin the Classic Center wheel for a special prize and go in the ticket booth to gather up as many tickets as he could. My other kids were jealous of this part the very most. It was so much fun, they even let Jayne in the booth to help him gather the tickets.



We all had such a wonderful time at this party and my kids are begging me to take them back for their birthdays. It was so low stress and my whole family had SO MUCH FUN! Want to know what is even better? If you want to book your own party you can use the code: MyMommyStyle to get 20% off your party too! This discount applies to the Orem, Utah location only.

A big salute and thank you to Kobie. She was beyond amazing and made sure our group had plenty of tokens, pizza, drinks, and more. She really took all the stress away so that we could simply enjoy our time together as a family!


When all was said and done and we put Jett in his car seat he said in a sleepy, satisfied voice, “That was fun!” And that is the best thing a parent can hear. We loved celebrating Jett and want to say a big THANK YOU to Classic Fun Center for hosting such a wonderful party! We will definitely be coming back!


Are you planning a party soon and could use a little help? Here is a fun free printable I made that you can print out to get yourself started. Just remember that the time that you spend preparing for the party does not need to be stressful. Cut things out that are driving you crazy and focus on what your child wants most which is you and preferably a happy you. If that means cutting out the streamers or a homemade cake so be it!

FREE Party Planning Printable Checklist from

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