Cherishing Every Moment

I’m Kim. I’m a blogger, a lover of cooking, cleaning, and playing outside. Most days, I would rather be anywhere but inside my house. I prefer adventure.

And I have two young kids. Sometimes I feel like the days just drag on with crying, hitting, and my youngest getting into everything he shouldn’t over and over again. There’s very little adventure in these times. Yet even in those times, usually, I feel like I just want to hold onto those moments so tight and I don’t want my little ones to ever grow up.

Usually it’s just the small, simple moments that are the most precious. Nobody is doing anything special. But I get to take a step back and look at how precious my children are to me and I just want time to stand still. Luckily for me, I have a camera to capture those special moments so I can remember them forever.

And then, of course, there’s the moments when we are somewhere special and I make everyone stop so I can take a photo of them. Because I never want to forget those special times. For example, earlier this year, we spent time as a family only one hour away from our house in a different city. We rented a condo, swam in the pool, walked around downtown, went on small “hikes” (which were really just paved paths on and near mountains with hardly any incline, but my three-year old was positive we were hiking) and ate on the balcony for almost every meal, enjoying the view of the valley. It really wasn’t a big deal and doesn’t sound like much to others, but for me, it was time with just our little family, so that meant the world to me.

I’ve heard that children grow up too fast. I’ve heard that time flies by, that one day they’re three and the next they’re sixteen (and I don’t think it’s just because of how quickly little girl’s attitudes can change). I’ve also heard that you should cherish every moment because time can go by quickly when you’re caught up in a hectic schedule. And I don’t want time to go by quickly. I don’t want my little ones to grow up too fast. And I don’t want to forget all of the cuddle times, all of the times I get a hug for no reason, all of the times my daughter says something funny, and all of the times when we’re just driving in the car, all four of us singing at the tops of our lungs, Cassia even if we don’t know the lyrics. Those stressful, long days of whining and crying that all mothers seem to have from their children (and sometimes ourselves), are just one day in our lives and help make the happy days so much better.

So find the good in each day. Be grateful for the good days and the bad … but maybe just forget the bad days. And cherish each moment.

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