11 Changes on Pinterest You Need to Know Now

Changes on pinterest you need to know, tips to help grow your following and rock your blogging business. Love these pinterest tips!

As a blogger the only constant is change. Well, I take that back, it is second only to the fact that content is KING, and that the way you promote it will be ever changing. Recently I listened to a periscope that my friend Corrine from MintArrow.com did on changes in Pinterest and I wanted to share it with you all. She was able to sit down with a few of the members of Pinterest and share some of the changes that are happening that we should all be aware of.

If your blog is anything like mine you know that Pinterest can be a HUGE source of traffic! I have been trying different things with our approach to Pinterest and I have really noticed a difference. So when I heard that there was information coming straight from Pinterest headquarters my ears perked up and I hope these tips help you too.

Hashtags are a waste of your time.

This is true for Pinterest only. Apparently they do nothing for your search-ability or repins.

Rich pins are no longer as awesome as they once were.

I never got into “rich pinning”, it seemed difficult to me and labor-some. So the fact that this is a thing of the past is music to my ears!

Vertical pins perform the best.

This information probably doesn’t come as a shocker to anyone, but you may want to revamp some of your old posts and create new pins to bring life back to your old content! Recycling content with a fresh image can be a lot easier than trying to come up with new content all of the time!

Make your Pin description 3+ lines with tag word rich key words.

Make your pin sound something you would say to a friend so that it is more conversational but do not forget to use tag words that you want your pin to be discovered for that specific topic. The good news is that even if you go beyond the three lines that are visible the key words are still being picked up along the way.

Make your boards specific.

It is a much better idea to give a board a specific name rather than a general blanket name. For example, if you have a board that is named “recipes” you may want to consider breaking it up into more specific boards like: Chicken dinner, side dishes, chocolate dessert, or healthy snacks. The more specific the better.

Create a detailed description on each board and classify it.

On each board on your pinterest account you can classify it and edit the board to be a description of what your board is all about. Again, the more specific and key word rich the better.

Pinterest no longer features a Pinner but they will feature a specific board.

There was a time that Pinterest would send it’s followers suggestions of people to follow. They are now focusing on sharing specific boards that they think their pinners will like. This is all the more reason to find a specific niche for pinning that you think will do well.

Clean up your boards.

Delete pins that aren’t giving you any traction. I am talking 0-1 or maybe a few more. There is debate back and forth about deleting pins and I am really cautious about this. But if you have a board that doesn’t really match your brand or seems to be doing nothing for your following then delete it!

Beef up your personal boards and limit your group board participation.

Our focus at MyMommyStyle.com has been to beef up our personal boards more than ever and we have seen a significant change. Group boards used to be the cream of the crop for traffic, but Pinterest is now no longer favoring group boards the way they used to. It was suggested that you limit your group boards to only a few and keep those with 10 contributors or less. This advice really shocked me and I am having to evaluate all of our boards to see which ones should stick around.

Repins carry more weight than total followers in Pinterest’s eyes.

One thing that I’ve heard is more successful at this time is real-time pinning as opposed to using a scheduler. I am not sure if this is the case or not, but we’ve been playing around with this a little bit and it has been seeming to make a difference. Another tool that I am now just beginning to use is board booster. I have heard amazing things about it from sources that I trust and I am planning to try this next!

If you have a small group of people that you trust have great content that matches your followers interest team up together and help each other out.


I am starting to implement a lot of these ideas and have noticed a difference. I still have a LOT to do myself, but I hope these tips have helped you in some way!

camille walker, mymommystyle.com

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