Cardboard Fish

There is something so magical about under the sea! This cardboard fish is easy to make and so much fun to make with your little ones! This cardboard fish can also be made using things from around the house that you probably already have and is such a fun way to be creative! I think that’s what makes sea life crafts and activities so much fun! Everyone gets to create their underwater fantasy land. fish craft would be a fun addition to our under the sea party!

cardboard Fish

I love using supplies from the recycling and garbage cans for projects with my boys. We are big online shoppers around here and the boys have really gotten into making projects with the left over boxes. Get ready to dive right into the recycling bin to make this Fish Kid’s Craft! Before we get started let’s get to know each other a little bit…

Shelly Dolen Diaries

I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries and I’m BEYOND thrilled to be here today! I live in the Seattle-ish area with my husband and three, crazy fun boys. I am all about creating creative quality time with the ones I love! Creative time is quality time here in the Dolen household so much so that my husband and I spend most of our date nights in our garage (we lovingly call them our Garage Date Nights). I have the BEST conversations with my boys while we are doing something creative together and I love sharing ways that you can spend some creative time with your kiddos.

cardboard fish kids craft supplies


  • cardboard cut into a fish shape
  • vellum, cardstock, tissue or construction paper in rainbow colors
  • 2″ circle punch
  • white glue
  • wiggle eye
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • water

paint on glue

Water down some white glue and paint about a 2″ circle of glue onto the end of the fish body.

gluing fish scales on cardboard fish

Place a circle of vellum or paper into the glue. *This is a fish scale.

painting glue on paper fish scales

Brush the glue over the top of the circle to help adhere it to the cardboard.

layering fish scales on fish kids craft

Repeat with the next circle overlapping the scales.

layer 1 of fish scales

Continue until the 1st row is finished.

second layer of scales

Overlap the next row of scales.

rainbow fish scales kids craft

Continue to layer the rows of scales.

vellum rainbow fish kids craft

Cover the fins and tail with scales. I love how the vellum crinkles up and gives this fish lots of texture!

fish kids craft with circle punch scales

After the fish scales are dry trim the excess off.

fish kids craft cardboard

Glue the wiggle eye onto the fish with white glue and let it dry.

cardboard Fish


My boys love to play with their creations and this Fish Kid’s Craft is nice and sturdy for any under the sea adventures!

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