The Best Way to Get Gum out of Hair

There are many debates as to which way is the best way to get gum out of hair but I am pretty sure I have found it and this way does not include any CUTTING of the hair! ; )

This is one of those situations where a mom says “i’ll make sure that never happens to my kid”. But kids will be kids and let’s be honest; there are some things we parents just don’t have any control over.

How to get gum out of hair

Recently my daughter fell asleep with gum in her hair. I am not sure how she got the gum or why she had it while sleeping, I am just so thankful she didn’t choke on it. She has long, beautiful hair and this wad of gum was right in the middle of her hair behind her neck. AHH, panic definitely sets in during this situation.

I went to the pantry to consider the familiar solution of peanut butter, but when I have used it in the past I wasn’t incredibly happy with the result because it was just so messy. Right next to the peanut butter was coconut oil and I thought I should give that a try!

Coconut Oil for removing gum from hair

Coconut oil is the way to go! It broke apart the gum into small pieces and made it so that the gum slid out of her hair easily. So if you find yourself in a “sticky situation” give coconut oil a try, I think you’ll be happy you did.

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