The Best Hacks for Small Space Living

If you’re down-scaling to a smaller home or just figuring out how to optimize the space you have in a small room, we’ve put together a collection of affordable and easy to apply tips that will make a huge impact on your living space.

Just because you have limited space, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Your home can be comfortable, functional and look incredible at the same time. Simply factor in your needs and add a little imagination to transform any room into a space you love to live, work or play in.

Utilize Wall Space

Utilize wall space for storage

Walls don’t need to be reserved for decorative purposes only, they can be turned into functional storage, which is the best way to gain floor space, as they replace the need for clunky furniture.

Televisions can easily be wall mounted on brackets. The visual space you gain from not having it rest on a tv stand is huge. This also allows it to disappear into the background when not in use.

Floating shelves and corner shelves are easy to install and look stylish and neat. If you use them for storing commonly used items in the kitchen or bathroom, the complement the decor and make accessing items a breeze. In the bathroom, use decorative boxes, baskets or glass jars to store items. This adds to the decor and conceals personal items, or items that are generally more messy like makeup and hair accessories.

Multi Functional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

The more ways a single piece of furniture can serve you, the more use you will get out of it, not to mention the amount of space saved. For example, a bunk bed in a child’s room opens up a massive amount of floor space for playing. Add a trundle drawer and you get an attractive storage draw for toys, or you could even home an extra mattress for kiddy sleepovers.

By adding lockable wheels or sliders to pieces of furniture, you can move them around more easily. A dining room table can be pushed up against a wall or the back of a sofa when not in use. When you have guests for dinner, pull it out and set the table as normal. If you are expecting more visitors than usual, a chair or bench from another room can be wheeled to where it’s needed.

Daybeds are another clever space saving option. They serve as comfortable seating, as well as a bed. If you have a study that’s also used as a guest bedroom, the office can still look professional and neat with the bed disguised as a sofa.

Light & Reflections

Light and reflections help a small space feel larger

More light, means more space, or at least the feeling of it. By placing a mirror opposite an open window, you create the illusion that the area is larger. Instead of a blank wall that can make you feel closed in, the reflection brings the view in. Plus, mirrors allow more light into the room, making it feel airy and spacious.

Make sure windows are not obstructed by curtains or blinds, letting in the maximum available amount of natural light. When day turns to night, light candles in the room to add a cozy, warm feeling. Again, mirrors will reflect the light and make it appear as if you have twice the amount of candles.


Make a small room look roomy

Even a small room free of clutter looks roomy. Think minimalist.

If your space has been taken over by “stuff” you barely use, it’s time for a spring clean. The cleansing process may initially feel overwhelming, but by opening space in your home and ridding it of the old, you make space for the new. 

There may even be money to be made in selling off these unused items. The incentive of making a little money in the cleaning process will definitely help. With the cash you make, you can invest in smart furniture, or little accessories that make your limited space ultra luxurious.

Continuity & Flow

use the same flooring throughout a small space

Small spaces that have the same flooring throughout, and even the same wall color, create the deceptive idea that the area is much larger than it actually is. This is because there are no visual breaks that divide the space into smaller sections. 

Where possible, carpets, tiles or wooden floors should flow throughout open living spaces. Even though areas may be used for different purposes, like an open planned kitchen that includes a lounge or dining room, the fact that there are no dividing lines, cleverly tricks the eye. 

Light colors in your decor will also help create a spacious, uncluttered look. Use small accents of color in accessories like lamp shades and scatter cushions to add interest.

Things You Love

Fill your home with things you love

After cutting back on nonessentials, it’s time to bring back those items that make home, home. Accessorize your home with hints of color and spoils that welcome you when you return after a busy day out. 

Items like throws, cushions, flowers and music breathe life and personality into a space. If you are prone to being a clutter bug, make use of storage baskets to camouflage untidy areas. If everything has a place, it’s easy to clean up, so keep those books and craft collection where they belong.

For smaller homes and apartments, less definitely means more. Where kids are involved, it’s not always easy as they come with a collection of kid clutter, and seldom help to make a mess any less. Order is one of the key factors in keeping a space feeling open. With the above small space hacks in place, all it takes is a little training. With your family on board, you’ll have a beautiful home to come home to and ample space to enjoy.

the best tips for small space living

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