Best Gifts for Baby: Sleep Sacks, Teething Toys & More

What are the best gifts for a baby under one? I will tell you! It can be hard to know what to give a baby for Christmas because they are a baby, they don’t know that it is Christmas! For the sake of their older siblings or as a gift to YOU as their caregiver, I am here to help you on that front.

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Get out and see the world with your baby with the Ergo Baby 360. This carrier can be used front facing, back facing, worn on your back or your front and it comes with an infant swaddle. Score.



The Gift of Sleep.

A well rested baby is a happy baby.

Discovering ways to have a better night sleep is the best gift you could ever give a new mother and baby on their first Christmas. Heck, it is the best gift you can give YOURSELF for Christmas in the name of baby! 🙂 I have been testing sleep sacks like it’s my job and here are my very favorite:

Remember for safe sleep baby should sleep alone on their back in a crib with no bumper pads, stuffed animals, pillows, or any other items that could cause suffocation. This is why I love sleep sacks for babies. They can be secure, warm, and safe.

Ages 0-3 months


While I cannot deny the beauty of an Aiden and Anais blanket for the light weight airy feel and breathable fabric, in my opinion nothing beats a sleep sack. This sleep sack is my favorite because it is one simple zip and you’re good to go. The baby feels snug and secure and you can do it with one eye half open in the middle of the night if you need to. I also love that it unzips from the top and the bottom. So if you MUST change a diaper at night you can keep the baby snug up top and as sleepy as possible while you change their diaper and lay them back down to sleep. Baby’s arms can also come out of the sleep sack by undoing snaps found on each side to transition baby into sleeping arms out if you want.



Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was referred to me by a friend as a life saver. This sleep suit is made with three layers to help babies who have a strong startle reflex and wake themselves up in the middle of the night. It allows the baby to feel warm and secure while also maintaining a safe position on their back. My friend told me I should try this sleep suit because my baby had started rolling over to his tummy at night and waking himself up. This sleep suit helps with that as well! It may look a little silly when you’re baby is wearing it because they look like such a puffy ball, but it really is quite magic.




Ages 3-6 months

Love to Dream

The Love to Dream sleep bag in the perfect sleeper for a baby who is transitioning to “arms out” I also think it is a great option for a baby who likes to sleep on their side or their tummy but you don’t want their arms completely out yet.

Around this time of a baby’s life they may be sleeping on their tummy whether you like it or not. This sleep bag makes it possible for them to have a little more wiggle room but still contained enough to not get their arms stuck in the posts of the crib, scratching their face, or having their hands get cold.



The Magic Sleep Suit

Ages 6-12 months


Ergopouch does it again with this amazing sleep suit bag. It packs an awesome punch because it can be used for very low sleeping room temperatures, but it can also become a cozy, walk-able suit too. I have bought snow suits in the past for my babies and I always end up using them once or twice and forget about them because it isn’t as though you are going to be sending your infant trudging through the snow on their own. But, it is so nice to have something super warm and cozy that you can feel confident about. This sleep suit has multiple functions and fits a 3-12 month old so it can definitely grow with your sweet babe.



Another major interrupter of sleep is teething! Although there is no perfect solution for this, here are some items that can help in a big way.


Binkies are such a blessing and a curse in my opinion. They can soothe a baby unlike anything else but it can also be a pain in the neck when they get lost. Soothies are my very favorite and I always try to stock up on them and use binkie clips to avoid losing them. My son also loves chewing on the side of his like it is a teether and it works pretty well.


Teething Toys

This funky little teether from Mombella is awesome. It may look a little funny but the shape makes is super easy for a little hand to hold.


I love this teether from Nuby, you can easily pop it in the fridge to add an extra layer of relief to this sweet little toy. My little man has it and loves it. Worth every penny.


Frozen Nuby Pops

It’s no wonder why the Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray is on the top seller list! These babies help you make a sweet little treat for your baby and one that you can customize to find their favorite flavor and also soothe their sore little gums. Genius.


Teething necklaces

There are actually two types of teething necklaces. You can purchase necklaces that you can wear for the baby to chew on while you hold them or you can purchase a teething necklace that is to be worn by the baby and not chewed on at all! What? Yes, this is a new concept to me as I am just learning about it, but it has wonderful reviews and I thought I would give it a try.

There are dozens of options available, but here are a few I found and like.



Or try a necklace your baby wears but does NOT chew on. This amber necklace is supposed to help reduce drooling, pain, and sooth your baby’s gums through the healing properties of this necklace. It is not to be worn while sleeping or bathing. I am giving this a try, I will let you know what I think of it as it says the longer your child wears it the better it works.


Noise Maker

I love this mybaby sound spa. It has a projector that will spin images that come on disks that you can swap out. It offers ocean, rain, heartbeat, lullaby, and sweet tunes. The Soundspa Lullaby also features an auto-off timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. It’s pretty bomb. My older kids like it too.


Just for fun:

Baby Einstein take along musical toy.

Easy to hold, volume control, and seven sweet little tunes for your baby. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer for on the go fun.


Oh my gosh, these little baby maracas from Fisher Price are so so cute! Your baby will love them! These are also #1 best sellers so you know it is a toy you will love.


Playskool Ball Popper

This sweet little toy will give your sweetie hours of fun and it is a toy that he/she can grow up with. It is one of the favorites in our house. My biggest complaint about toys like this is losing the balls that fit through them. So here you go, here is a link to extra balls that you can buy now so you don’t run out of them later.

ball popper, toys for baby

There you have it! I hope your holiday season is wonderful and free of stress. Well, free of too much stress. Remember babies don’t need much, they really just love your time and love. In fact, the wrapping and boxes they come in will probably be their favorite part! 🙂

camille walker,

Keep checking back as we add more gift guides to help you with your Christmas shopping!

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