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Things were pretty exciting in these parts this last week because the snow started to melt! I went to the park with the kids three times during the week and even spotted a few hopeful flowers trying to push out of the ground. What I didn’t expect was to find these small tunnels running through my entire backyard. You see, we just moved into a quaint, beautiful, small neighborhood last year and just recently put in our grass. What we didn’t know was that Voles (field mice) would decide to take up residence with us. Truth be told, we took their residence before they took ours. Paul thinks he will be able to rake up the grass and it will grow back just fine…but I am not so sure.

Despite this small set back I also enjoyed SPRING SNOWBOARDING this week which was absolutely a treat that I savored all day long. I cannot remember the last time I was able to go snowboarding and was so happy to find my body still remembered what to do. I am also extremely grateful that I was able to enjoy the snow and sport without breaking a bone.

As you probably already know, this week is Fashion week here at My Mommy Style and I am so excited to show you some of my favorite finds from this week.

This time of year is my favorite time to do clearance winter shopping for boots, coats, shoes, sweaters, and pajamas. Here are some of my best finds from the past few weeks: When shopping clearance keep in mind that you can be buying items for your kids to wear next year, birthday presents, Christmas presents or things for yourself! I make my best guess on shoes but note that it is better to guess a little too big than a little too small. Try to find classic items like: brown and black that you know can go with anything.

I was thrilled to find these shoes and tights for only $5 a piece. Jayne is wearing shoes this year that I bought last year and it is so fun to “shop” her closet/drawers to find what things are waiting for her with tags on. These shoes typically cost $28.95, so that is a 83% savings! I did try the shoes on Jayne while she was with me in the store to get an idea of how much room it would give her to grow. Boots are a little more forgiving, so even though the red shoes and the black boots are both a size 6 I am sure she will be able to wear the boots longer.

These tights typically run $7.95 a pair and I just hate how easily they snag and get ruined! This is a great time to stock up for next year and you wont have to cry when the first hole comes!

Time for a little Mommy fashion! I scored these darling grey heels at target for only $7.56! They were hiding among the children’s clearance shoes and were an online return. When shopping clearance you may find the best finds stashed away in random places like these shoes.

These boots were at Target as well for only $24.48. They are a really soft leather and super easy to put on with the zipper on the outside. They are a size larger than I normally wear but with thick socks fit just fine!

I really wanted to try the colored jeans look for Jackson but knew my husband wouldn’t go for bright red or turqoise blue. The pants were also $20 and that is pretty close to what I spend on my own colored jeans! So I was so excited when I found these colored jeans in more “boyish” colors for only $5.08.

And lastly, I love to mix bright, fun colors together all year long but it is especially fun in the Spring! Here Melissa is wearing one of our very own “Write for Her” scarves that you can win in this week’s giveaway! Judy, the owner, has the most touching story about why she started this business. Each scarf has a “handwritten” power statment that gives the person wearing it a strong sense of self and worth. She has quotes that you can choose from or you can pay a little extra to have her make a personalized one for you! You can read more about her and her amazing message here.

Wishing you a happy week full of fashion sweet deals and vole-less backyards!

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  • Great post! I can’t wait to run to Childrens place and hopefully score some goodies…Oh except its been warm for awhile down here in AZ so they tend to ditch the “winter” stuff earlier than normal. I wanted to comment that if you can’t get rid of the voles, go to Lowes and in their pest control section they sell these solar powered sonic spikes you put in the ground and it emits a sound that keeps the rodents away. We had a serious problem when we moved into our house and they ate our WHOLE GARDEN! We finally got rid of them with one of these spikes and had no problems for 2 years, when all of a sudden we had a new resident in our beautiful (and precious in AZ) grass! Turns out one of the kids had hit the solar panel with a hammer and it wasn’t working anymore. We got a new one and voila! NO MORE RODENTS 🙂 Its lovely. WE did have to kill the pesky ones living in our yard at the moment with some pellets we buried in the ground- but no more have come back and ALL my neighbors have problems with them and the field at the school is riddled with them- so the little spike is doing its job!ReplyCancel


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