A First of Many…

I’m sure the story I’m about to share has happened to every parent or will happen at some point in time.  You know, the time when your child receives their first “real” owie.

His first real owie!  Nearly 20 minutes after he fell. I swear the wound began closing up on it’s own.

Well, it became a reality three-weeks ago.  It was a gorgeous afternoon in Salt Lake City so I decided to take Crew, my son, to Wheeler Farm with a friend and her two children.  Crew is obsessed with animals so we went to see the baby cow, the roosters, horses and pigs.  As he was walking away from me to venture off else where I turned my head for a split second to redirect him and point to the baby cows.  I looked back and he was laying flat on the ground.  I seriously couldn’t have looked away for more than one second!  He was crying yet so I figured he was fine.  Until I picked him up and then I heard the scream, along with seeing dirt and pebbles in his mouth, blood leaking like a faucet from his forehead and a scuffed up nose.  A part of me panicked inside, but I kept my cool on the outside for him.

Unfortunately I did not have a first aid kit (lesson learned) I will never leave home with out a first aid kit again.  I got him cleaned up and calmed down and my friend and I were trying to determine whether or not to take him to an Instacare or the ER.  I personally don’t like Instacare due to childhood memories of my brother having to get stitches, and I didn’t think it was serious enough for the ER.  I then decided to call my husband at work to see what he thought.  I’m glad I did because he asked me if I had called his pediatrician.  Nope, didn’t even think about that!  It was 6 o’clock at night, why would they be available.  Well I called and turns out they have after hours until 8, perfect!  As I was dieing inside thinking about the fact that my baby may need stitches made me sick.  I was going to have to put on a braver face than the one I already had on.  On my way to the doctor I called my Mom.  Are moms great or what?!  She calmed me down and kept me sane on the drive to the doctors.  She had been there before numerous times with my brother and new exactly what to say.  Thanks, Mom!

We got to the doctors and the first thing they said was, “well that doesn’t look too bad.”  Music to my ears!!  All they did was cleaned it out real good and used dermaglue to seal it up.  I think Crew cried about having to lay down, not because of everything else that was happening.  I would guess he thought he was going to get shots. I’m very grateful for wonderful doctors who took care of my baby and put me at ease.

I’m sure this is the first of many, but I’m in NO hurry for anymore “real” owies anytime soon.  Thank you again Families First Pediatrics for taking care of my Crew boy!   Once again, lesson learned, always carry a first aid kit, always!

Please share one of your “real” first owies that your child got, and at what age.  I would love to read your stories.  Have a wonderful day!


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  • Melissa

    My son cut his pinky finger a few weeks ago on a broken frame. We took him to nearby clinic because we weren’t sure if he would need stitches or not. They glued him up and everything is fine now, but seriously as it was happening I kept thinking of this post! 🙂
    That was my son’s first real owie and it wasn’t fun. Especially not knowing whether to take him to a doctor or not. I decided if I’m ever wondering that question than it must be bad enough to take him.

    Here’s to safe, owie free kiddos! For awhile anyway.ReplyCancel


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