10 places you’re probably forgetting to clean

My family just moved a few weeks ago. We were so excited to finally sell our house–it was on the market for nearly two years! My husband has been commuting 2 hours each day to work for that entire time. We now live 4 miles away from his work and we are delighted!! No more rush hour, high gas budget, late nights and early mornings AND I now live a few minutes from Target and Costco. Moving has been wonderful!

As I was packing up my boxes I discovered some places that I neglected to clean in my house on a regular basis. Maybe these are things that you guys remember to clean, but I’m hoping my embarrassing cleaning mishaps will help somebody out there.


1. Floor Vents

I had hardwood floors and tile in most of the top floor in my house. Because I was sweeping everyday I was sweeping dust, cereal, and other food down my vents without realizing it. The first time I took one of my vent covers off and took a gander down into the vent I was floored (haha…pun) at how disgusting it was! Not only was there a ton of food, crumbs, and dust, but my kids were sticking crayons, pencils, money, and nails down the slots. I now try to vacuum out the top of my vents once a month.

2. Vent covers

These bad boys can get pretty gross too. Dust builds up on them and mine are always sticky as well. A quick soak in mild soapy water and a wipe down with a cloth will help. Depending on what your vent covers are made of you can also stick them in your dishwasher on the regular cycle. If you get black scuff marks on yours (I always do), use a magic erasure on them and it they will be squeaky clean.

3. Dusting your decorations

Okay, I am pretty good at dusting my shelves, counters, and other surfaces that hold decorations, but as I was taking my decorations off shelves and walls I realized I am not very good at dusting the actual decoration. It started to become a little embarrassing at how dusty some of my decor was. Don’t forget to take your decorations down and dust them. I had a few things in my kitchen that weren’t just dusty on the top, but were greasy as well. Pretty gross. Don’t forget the houseplants and dusting behind your pictures on the wall.

4. Under couches

I kind of wish I took a picture of my what it looked like under our couches before I vacuumed it. I probably wouldn’t have posted it because it would have been way too embarrassing, but it would have been the perfect example as to why you need to clean under your couches. In my upstairs I cleaned under my couches regularly, but apparently I forgot about my basement couches. To make it worse they are recliners and I think when they are reclined it must make it easier for stuff to fall through the cracks.

5. Under rugs

You vacuum the top of them, but when’s the last time you moved them and cleaned underneath them. Dust, pet hair, and other spills can hide underneath there.

6. Under beds

It’s easy to forget the places in your house you can’t see. Dust can build up on your carpet and walls under the bed. Move them every six months to vacuum and clean out random things that get pushed under there.

7. Blinds

My blinds are actually not forgotten, I know I’m supposed to clean them, I just hate it. UGH! It it my least favorite chore, but believe me, they get harder to clean the longer you put it off. Vacuum your blinds with the brush attachment each time you vacuum your floors or use a feather duster once a week to keep up on the dust. Here is a great article on cleaning tips for blinds.

8. Toy box

Oh, the toy box. I love having a place to quickly throw toys, but every once in awhile that thing needs a good cleaning. As I was pulling toys out of our box to pack up for the move I was shocked at how gross it was. Toys that are played with outside are brought back inside leave lots of sand and dirt in the bottom of the box. I also found cups, spoons, kitchen gadgets, tools, socks, and other things that didn’t belong in there hiding among all the real toys. I also found an old wrinkly apple core. Yeah. Also, go through toys and throw away broken toys and donate stuff your kids don’t play with anymore to make things a little more organized.

9. The hard to reach food cupboard

I cleaned out my cupboards regularly, but there was one in my kitchen that was in the corner and hard to reach. I used it for vinegar, oil, Crisco, Worcestershire, bouillon cubes and other helpful foods for cooking. When I emptied it for our move it was pretty gross. Because I never took the time to look up there I couldn’t see that it was sticky with Karo syrup and olive oil.

10. Freezer

I am good at cleaning out the fridge, but I guess I have been forgetting the freezer. My freezer was really sticky, I don’t know how I missed that, but a drink must have exploded or a popsicle was smashed all over everything. I had been placing all of my food on a sticky mess without knowing. I also found a lot of old freezer burned food that I needed to discard and a bunch of frozen peas. If you’re not forgetting your freezer in your house, check out your freezer chest, if you have one. The freezer in my kitchen was more like a freezer chest and it’s easy to miss the stuff buried at the bottom.


Good luck cleaning your home!! What are the places you forget to clean the most?



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  • Melissa

    Being 5’1″ I am always forgetting the “up high” stuff like the tops of the refrigerator and the china hutch.ReplyCancel


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