10 Easy Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

It is really easy to get stressed during the holidays. With so many people, gifts, and schedules to keep track of it can turn a time that should be wonderful into scenarios that you want to run away from! Here are 10 easy ways to help reduce holiday stress as a mom. You will want to consider your family, your gift list, your schedule, and even your own personal health. Let’s get started.

Reduce Holiday Stress:

Start Early. For me, writing everything down helps clear my mind from the get go. Consider parties that are coming up, classroom parties, gifts that you will need to buy, specific sales you don’t want to miss and special meals you will need to plan.

Getting everything written down on a paper planner may seem old fashioned, but it really helps me to see everything visually at the same time. After I have things written down I do like to add my events to my phone. I prefer to use google calendar and send personal invites to my husband so I KNOW he sees the things we have going on and can even respond with an RSVP so I know he has it in his calendar too. This eliminates the conversation of, “You never told me about that!” lol, I’ve been there, too.

2. Keep the information at your fingertips.

After making your lists put them in your phone. I very rarely go anywhere without my cell phone, and I cannot count how many times I have gone to the store and forgotten a special list at home.

A few apps/resources I love are:

Notes App

Google Calendar

Anylist (syncs your grocery list with others if you want to.)

Grocery Pick up Apps

3. Learn to say no. 

Donations for the local bake sale? Leading the class Christmas party? Attending every party you’re invited to?

You don’t need to do it all. Trust me when I say that others will appreciate you doing what you say you will do, but more importantly they will appreciate when you say yes to what you can handle. The holidays will fill up so quickly that you may get to the point of being overwhelmed. Take an honest look at what you can handle so that you truly ENJOY the holidays and let go of any guilt in letting go of the things that aren’t necessary.

4. Stick to a budget.

Gift buying can add up so quickly. Spending money at the stores can come with such a high, especially when you find that specific something that you know your loved one will obsess over. One way I have made my budget stick is to shop with a specific amount of gifts and/or a specific total amount for each child. The younger the child the easier it is to buy quantity, but as the child gets older gifts get more and more expensive. Decide how you are going to level the playing field and stick with it. Once the budget is gone be done with it and know that you will enjoy January and the rest of the YEAR so much more because you stuck to your plan.

Shopping the sales early can also help you save money in the long run so that you are not impulse buying as the holiday draws closer. Another way to save it to buy from local yard sale sites, pitch in on bigger items with a grandparent, or comparison shop online to find the best deal.

5. Set aside differences.

If you have family struggles and are dreading a family get together because a certain someone will be there, stay home. Just kidding. I have found that the holidays are a wonderful time to set aside differences and make a sincere effort to love. Family relationships are worth the effort, and if you are finding yourself hesitant consider the relationship of others in the family. If you are helping to nurture their memories of love then step outside your comfort zone. If you believe there will be harm to your family in any form then find another option that serves your family best.

6. Plan ahead.

One of the things that stresses me out most during the holidays is gift buying/wrapping and meal prep.  I have made a few printables for you to help with this task. Consider writing out your month at a glance so you know what nights you will need to meal prep and what days you will need to prepare something special for a get together. I grocery shop once a week after going through my meal prep plan (online) and this saves so much time not having to fight the crowds or my children. Use any time you have now, or on a weekend, to either make meals you can freeze or prepare foods with which you can quickly create a meal, such as chicken, rice, and vegetables. This will help you to avoid spending even more money eating out and also help you and your family to eat healthy during a time when the many holiday treats are likely to take a toll on your health habits.

7. Reach out.

Holidays can be a very emotional time for a lot of people especially if you have lost someone during the season. If you are feeling lonely or depressed please reach out to those around you and find a support system you can rely on. There are professionals to help and finding opportunities to serve can be so helpful as well. I love the site www.JUSTSERVE.org to find service opportunities that are available right within your neighborhood by searching with your zip code.

8. Use systems, make your house work for you.

Start the day in motion by putting your house to work for you. Start a load of laundry, start the morning with special “you” time, and keep your kids on a schedule as best you can. Here is a list of three things I have changed to help my sanity as a mother.

9. Make it pot luck.

I love getting together with friends and family, but oftentimes I think we worry so much about making it Joanna Gaines perfect. Call up your family and friends and make a vow that you will not seek perfection, but rather togetherness. Pot luck meals are always such a fun way to go and really give you a boost from having to prepare everything in the kitchen. Host a cookie swap with shared recipes, have a late movie night with pizza and salads, or cook up a favorite family dish to share with those you love.

10. Don’t forget to take care of your health and yourself.

This is very likely the most important tip of all. Amidst all the chaos make sure you are taking time to replenish yourself on a daily basis. Read a book, do some yoga, take a walk, or jam out to your favorite tunes. Take a moment each day to make space for gratitude in your life. Finding happiness comes so much more easily when you are taking moments to treat yourself. This helps you to feel more comfortable and confident at all of your parties and get togethers. Oh, and of course using a reliable antiperspirant goes a long way in helping you do just that. Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant that offers up to 4x’s the protection of regular deodorant. This is essential to ward off sweat while cooking in the kitchen and keeping up with our busy lives as moms!

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I hope you have the best stress free holiday season. What are some stress saving tips that help you?



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Secret at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.


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