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Camille and Melissa are cousins who have been life long best friends.  We grew up together in a family that valued quality time spent together.  We were all taught to enjoy life, laugh a lot, and work hard.  We believe that if we have strong families, we can rely on each other during hard times.  We were also taught that there is value in every person, and we all have something important to share.  Here on My Mommy Style, we love to share ideas that inspire you to live a happy life as a mom and for you to know that there isn’t just one perfect way of being a mother. Whether you choose to bottle feed or breast feed, eat all organic or believe in Cheetos, take nap time seriously or like to live more spontaneously…we support you!

Motherhood is a journey that should be enjoyed and we hope you find some inspiration here through our parenting tips, recipe ideas, activities for kids, or style.

If you’d like to get to know us each a little better…. click on our links below.

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