What they never told you

Hello again my friends!  Does the photo above look at all familiar??  I hope so, because if I’m the only one in this boat, it’s gonna be a lengthy ride! My son, who in the past has been a notoriously good boy, and I mean EXCEPTIONALLY good! made this little disaster…I can’t really blame him though.  He has been so bored being cooped up in the house so much more since the arrival of the twins.  It is quite the circus around here most days!  The next picture is simply iconic!Trying to manage getting one little iPhone pic of the kiddos so I can show their aunty how darling her little outfits look was just…comically disastrous!  So this is what we got!  Maybe we should hire Wringling Brothers to come tame my little wild things! (My guess is they have better luck with their tigers!)

Today I was reading over my sister’s family blog and chuckling to myself over the oddity and chaos that IS parenthood when I re-read something she wrote, and I just wanted to share it with you all, as it perfectly encapsulates how I think we all feel…(and it makes me a little sweaty in the eye balls!)

 “Celebrating father’s day 2012 (**for anonymity’s sake, I’m leaving out a personal, but hilarious photo of her husband and boys eating breakfast in bed)…if you look closely you’ll see that the smoothie is spilled all over his sausage and pull-aparts.  c’est la vie.  That is what happens when you become a parent; your food is never the same, you are never as rested, you work harder and feel like you accomplish less, you become a referee for your ever-active boys, you become your kids’ biggest cheer-leader, you read the same story over and over again, and over and over again, and over and over again until you dream about the tractors you are reading about, you can’t have a “normal conversation” that doesn’t involve some sort of comment about someone else’s inappropriate bodily fluid ending up in inappropriate places, you find creative ways to keep fingers from noses…and then fingers from mouths when we fail to keep them from noses.
…and all in all…you find that you are the happiest and most peaceful you have ever been in your life.  And all of your prayers sound the same…pleading with God to slow time down so that you can play and love and laugh just a little more and keep them small and coming back for kisses a little longer” –Brittany Case
Until next time, you naughty little things!
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  • Whitney Denton

    I would have never guessed the second picture took as much work as it did! Your children look so innocent and beautiful. I too get ‘sweaty in the eyeballs’ when I realize how time has never flown faster in my life than since the day I had a baby. Thank you for your sentimental post today 🙂ReplyCancel


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