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This year I have traveled more than ever before, and it has made me somewhat of a connoisseur of hotels. I’ve become hyper aware of their accommodations, their beds, their facilities, and their breakfasts. With so many options to choose from, you want a hotel that is adaptable to a quick overnight stay or one that will keep you comfortable all week long through your travels or sightseeing. Tru by Hilton has something for everyone that will keep you coming back again and again.

Tru by Hilton invited me to stay overnight to experience their new hotel in Salt Lake City. Although it was close to home, I was really looking forward to a night away with one of my best friends, Meagan. We know as moms that one night of real talk and late night belly laughs can do much for fueling the soul and mind. I was happy to hop at the chance to see what Tru by Hilton had to offer. 

Tru by Hilton, Travel, Salt Lake City

Before coming, I checked out the location and realized that it was right next to our local airport in Salt Lake City and just a short 12-minute ride from downtown. This was perfect for us, as Meagan was driving down from Idaho and we wanted to be “away”, but not too far away.

The key to a happy getaway is to leave space for spontaneity and no need to rush. We ate a simple, delicious dinner and caught up on the real stuff that only seems to come to the surface when you are face-to-face without distraction. We had so much fun browsing through Trader Joe’s, sampling, buying flowers, and the amazing peppermint Joe Joe’s.

I was immediately drawn to Tru by Hilton’s young, clean vibe. There were ideas of where to eat, what to see, and what to do. I felt like it was about time I enjoyed my city the way a tourist would – and we really did. We enjoyed some shopping and dinner and were ready to crash for the night. Naturally, that meant we didn’t go to bed until well after midnight. 

Our room was so nice. I love the crisp, white linens and the fresh scent of the room. The room is equipped for a cozy stay in, quick access to USB’s and has a full-service, 24-hour market if you have some late night snacking needs or work to get done. 

Tru by Hilton, Travel, Salt Lake City

Tru by Hilton prides itself in having a fun environment that also provides conveniences for families and business travelers alike. There are semi-private work stations, secure charging docks, craft and play areas, and lounging areas to keep you comfortable. 


To be honest, we were most looking for a good night sleep, so thank goodness for Tru by Hilton’s incredible beds. We were also looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying the custom Tru Top It Breakfast Bar, available to every guest at no extra cost. The breakfast spread featured Kellogg’s cereal products and a mix of other healthy and indulgent toppings to mix and match. We weren’t going to be rushed or needing to fill multiple plates for littles, so we filled multiple plates for US and sampled them all! 🙂

The breakfast spread is no joke. You can choose from more than 10 bases (eggs, sausage, waffles, donuts, bagels, toast, English muffins, oatmeal, cereal, and yogurt) and over 35 toppings, so there really is something for everyone. I was happy I didn’t have to choose just one, and we really had fun playing with all of the possibilities. 

Tru by Hilton, Travel, Salt Lake City

Waffles and Chicken sausage. This reminded me of my recent trip to South Carolina, waffle houses are on every single city block.

Bage. Egg. Salsa. With a side of yogurt, granola and fresh crushed pineapple. This is more my everyday, go-to jam. It was super yummy! Kellogg’s has a special “top it” bar that gives you so many fun combinations to satisfy any craving.

Oatmeal topped with chocolate chips and dried craisens, app jam bagel, and fresh fruit. This was actually the breakfast manager’s favorite breakfast go-to. I wouldn’t have thought of this combo on my own, but it was rather good!

Peach. Donut. Oatmeal. The quick on the go breakfast for on-the-go.

Nutella almond banana waffles. I am still dreaming about this one. 

This would be my kids’ go-to choice. Tru Top It Breakfast features Kellogg’s cereals, including Raisin Bran, Special K, and Froot Loops, and it also includes granola, nuts, and other tasty options.

We obviously didn’t have a hard time coming up with some amazing breakfast ideas. 

On Thursday, November 29, the Salt Lake City property I stay-cationed at will celebrate Tru by Hilton’s 50th hotel opening – in less than 19 months! Travelers and locals are invited to help Tru by Hilton celebrate with a fun, social event that will include games, prizes and the Tru Top It Breakfast Bar. Aside from Kellogg’s cereal classics, a special gold star topping will be available so breakfast lovers can blitz out their custom creations. And, there might even be a celebrity guest appearance!

We had such a wonderful stay and I know I will be back to another Tru by Hilton location. I mean, how can you beat this?

Tru by Hilton, Travel, Salt Lake City

Tru by Hilton & Kellogg’s sponsored this post and provided me with a hotel stay, but all opinions and content are my own.

Tru by Hilton, Travel, Salt Lake City

Create the perfect weekend getaway for an experience to enjoy at TRU by Hilton.


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