Top Yard Trends of 2015

Garden stone path with grass growing up between the stones

2015 is projected to be a year of simple solutions and innovations in yard trends. A wide variety of fresh concepts are coming together in new and interesting ways.Take a look at this year’s top yard trends and see how you can make your yard pop with contemporary style and function for the whole family.

Water Features

Water features are popping up everywhere in home landscapes this year. While they do require a bit of careful maintenance, features like wall fountains, countryside fountains, and water gardens are becoming very popular for drowning out exterior noise like traffic and neighbor activity. These and other water features such as reflecting and koi ponds also provide wonderful visuals that play brilliantly against vegetation and stone formations. And because of their growing popularity, you can find plenty of affordable options.


In a residential yard context, hardscapes are usually things like outdoor kitchens, paved pathways, outdoor entertainment areas, and the like. Hardscape areas continue to grow in popularity because they successfully extend the comfort and entertainment functions of the home to the yard while providing the added charm of the outdoors. Tempering the plant-life of your yard with a multi-functional hardscape area can make all the difference in drawing company to your home or creating space for intimate family time.

Native Plants

Decorating your yard with plants that are typically foreign to your area can add a distinct charm that will set your yard apart from the rest in your neighborhood; yet, as practicality plays a huge role in today’s yard and landscaping trends, native plants have become the gold standard of residential plant life. Native plants save water and give your yard a longer, more sustainable lifespan. If you live in an area where you’re not sure how well native plants will suit your taste, consult a landscaping professional or look around and see what others have done. Nine times out of ten, the right native plant life for you is out there.

Outdoor Lighting

Many of today’s yard owners are looking for simple, practical ways to breathe life into their yard without having to make any drastic or expensive changes. According to the experts, outdoor lighting is one of many simple ways to add curb appeal to your home and tap into today’s trends. Today’s yard trends are all about illuminating the beauty and function of your home. With outdoor lighting you can both literally and figuratively illuminate your yard and emphasize the textures and colors that make the outdoor areas of your home shine.


Edible plant life is taking off as one of the most popular form-meets-function trends of 2015. As vegetable gardening has grown exponentially in popularity, the desire to save space by growing a garden that also looks pretty has resulted in the residential foodscaping phenomenon. Whether you are taking part in a community garden, or simply utilizing the beauty of your own yard, foodscaping is a great way to combat high food prices while diversifying your fruit and vegetable diet. There’s really no end to the types of produce that make for healthy eating and beautiful scenery.

Plant Life for Privacy

As populations continue to grow and even the quietest of suburban sprawls become louder and more hectic, creating a quiet space with plant life can give your yard an oasis-like aura. Whether it’s something as simple as an ivy covered fence or a more complex combination of trees and shrubs to create a natural wall, using plant life as a barrier between your home and the outside world will add texture and natural ambience to your property without cluttering up your yard.

Open Areas

As the open concept has become the top trend of home design in recent years, yard trends have followed suit. Making your yard sparse will create a feeling of simplicity and uniformity while also placing greater emphasis on the plants that accent your open area. Opting for foodscaping instead of a traditional vegetable garden, or using your plantlife for privacy will also open up the rest of the yard and contribute to a more inviting, open space.

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