people don't buy what you do

THEY buy why you do it

Simon Sinek

screen freeze handbook

  • 30 Day Comprehensive Program
  • Step-By-Step guide to help your family have a screen detox
  • Daily activities printable pack to help you with your screen free journey
  • Video instruction guide to help you have a successful screen detox
  • Resources to help you develop your family's healthy relationship with screens
Screen Freeze Handbook
Time For Us Journal

time for us

A parent & Child Interactive Journal (Ages 3-12)

  • Daily questions and answers to help you record and strengthen your relationship with your child
  • Fun kid's quizzes and best guess interactive interviews with parents
  • Daily creative prompts for your child to draw, paint or write
  • Interactive growth measurement charts, with places to include photos
Embrace the Mom You AreMy Mommy Style

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Embrace the Mom You AreMy Mommy Style
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